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LAWRIE WILLIAMS:  The Gold Observer – a service worth its weight!

For those who may wish to know much more about the global gold market and how gold is priced and the factors affecting this, look no further than The Gold Observer – a service published by Jan Nieuwenhuijs.  Jan is a long term analyst whose insights into the global gold market are almost unparalleled anywhere in the world.  He spent some time writing under a pseudonym (Koos Jansen) which many gold followers, myself included, found absolutely invaluable in getting to understand some of the hidden nuances in global gold supply and demand.  He was responsible for probably the most insightful coverage of the key Chinese gold market, and the machinations of the Shanghai Gold Exchange, a few years ago, when this became a prime global gold price driver. 

As Jan puts it himself, The Gold Observer is set up to publish research and commentary on the gold market, financial markets, economics, and the international monetary system.  This website can be navigated through an Archive page that has a search field. The About page contains more information on who he is, copyrights, contact, and how to support and join the community.

Jan’s insights into the gold market are published on, a website that was started on the principle that what you read matters and that good writing is immensely valuable.  The managers of Substack believe that writers, bloggers, thinkers, and creatives of every background should be able to pursue their curiosity, generating income directly from their own audiences and on their own terms.  Much of the content on the website is free of charge, but it also does offer contributors the option of setting up paid access for some, or all, of their material.

When readers pay writers directly, writers can focus on doing the work they care about most. A few hundred paid subscribers can support a livelihood. A few thousand makes it lucrative.  Readers win, too. By opting into direct relationships with writers, Substack can be more selective with how readers consume information, homing in on the ideas, people, and places found to be most meaningful.

There are many other fascinating contributors to Substack.  I find material published under the name of Doomberg of particular interest which covers many aspects of the economy and a major exposé of some of the key bitcoin players.  I also publish material on the site from time to time, free to access, under Lawrie on Gold, Silver and Pgms.

But do read Jan’s postings.  They make my insights pale into insignificance.  He has posted in particular a free to access introductory post which goes into some detail on the mechanics behind the global gold market.  It is over 3,500 words in length and is a great primer on all aspects of gold trade and markets.  Reading this will give you an idea of whether to subscribe to receive his other article insights.  He does great research into the subjects he covers and is a truly independent analyst and commentator with no hidden agenda.

07 Oct 2021 | Categories: Gold, China, Bitcoin

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