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In a digital age it is hard to hide. Performance statistics and web analytics are readily available which give transparency on ones relative popularity. Perhaps the most universally popular gauges is the ALEXA website ranking site (owned by Amazon) which, although far from perfect, it does provide a good indication on the popularity of websites (where the lower the number, the better).

According to ALEXA, among the metals websites that we monitor, our own website remains the fastest growing website having seen its global position rise by 366%.

The popularity of the website has been boosted considerably by providing interactive technical charts and analysis - a service that would normally only be available on "pay-for" websites. continues to provide arguably the largest and fastest source of precious metals news and the service is much enhanced by research from many of the leading banks, plus real-time market prices in a broad range of currencies. The website is said to be the primary source of information for market professionals although investors new to the market will find the information quite accessible given that we shy away from the jargon that can make these markets opaque and difficult to understand.

Interestingly the bullion websites which are predominantly information-centric have fared less well when compared to the sites that are simply selling physical gold. Notable amongst these is the  Degussa website which was second best performer overall and who is now said to be the largest seller of physical gold into the retail sector in Europe. The other correlation is that the US-centric bullion websites seem to be performing less well than their European counterparts which parallels or perhaps confirms the suggestion that North Americans broadly are less active in the gold sector compared with interest back in 2012.

The information website is however to be revamped behind a new website in the coming weeks as the company seeks to emphasize its webshop and the products that it sells - in other words, it will more reflect what our clients are looking for.

07 Sep 2015 | Categories: Gold

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