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Pension Gold Bars


The requirement from the HMRC is for the physical gold to in your pension savings to be held in bar form with a purity no less than 99.50% as well as ensuring that it is securely stored. Please note that physical silver, platinum and palladium cannot be held in a SIPP/SAPP. Sharps Pixley offers investment grade bars with a purity of 99.99% produced at world leading refineries.

To place an order for a pension gold bar, please contact us on:
+44 (0)207 871 0533 or


1g Degussa gold bar 2.5g Degussa gold bar
1/10 oz Sharps Pixley gold bar 5g Degussa gold bar
1/4 oz Sharps Pixley gold bar 10g Degussa gold bar
1/2 oz Sharps Pixley gold bar 20g Degussa gold bar
1oz Sharps Pixley gold bar 50g Degussa gold bar
100g Sharps Pixley gold bar ingot 250g Degussa gold bar ingot
500g Degussa gold bar ingot 1000g Degussa gold bar ingot
50g Degussa gold combi bar  










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