Gold Testing Equipment

Our state-of-the-art bullion testing equipment in St James's, London, provides precious metal assays on bars, coins and scrap, bringing you confidence in the products we provide. We understand the importance of authenticating precious metals, which is why we have the latest equipment in our showroom to give you quick and accurate results. In short, to give you peace of mind. Please visit our showroom in St James's to meet our expert staff and to find out more about the latest assaying methods available for testing precious metals.

Our testing equipment include the following 5 machines:

1. XRF analyser

Our XRF analyser provides accurate Pass/Fail results within seconds. XRF is a widely used, proven, and accepted method of chemistry analysis and determination of purity and fineness of precious metals. It is a multielemental testing alternative that is quicker and less expensive than fire assay and chemical tests. XRF provides on-the-spot analysis of your precious metals and impurities, and given the current high value of gold, quantifying its fineness and purity is more critical than ever. Whether you buy gold, sell or produce jewelry, fabricate metal, or recycle scrap metal, you need a fast, highly accurate method to determine karatage (gold content) for quality control and pricing.

2. Digital conductivity measuring set 

The precious metal coin and bar tester set has been developed for the fast and reliable series/mass testing of small/thin items (works for testing more than 1000 specimens per day). It is capable to measure the electrical conductivity and also the density (specific gravity) of common trade/bullion coins and small bars made of investment gold, fine silver, fine platinum, palladium and other precious metals and their alloys for authentication. It covers the weighing range of 1 g up to ca. 50 g (ca. 2 oz., in some cases for thin minted gold bars up to 100 g) and it takes only about 2 seconds per coin or bar for the electromagnetic testing.

3. Digital ultrasonic velocity set

The unique set we have at Sharps Pixley specialises in testing larger metal bars and coins, and is also suitable for bars & coins beyond 1 kg fine weight.  The ultrasonic velocity, homogeneity and the density (specific gravity) of bars and coins made of gold and other precious metals can be determined for authenticity testing.

4. Magnetic balance 

The magnetic balance is proven to be very useful for quick checking the genuineness of trade/investment coins and bars between 10g up to 250g fine weight versus heavy paramagnetic and ferromagnetic fake materials. One of the particular features of the magnetic balance is the very high magnetic field strength for testing. Therefore, the device possesses a high penetration depth and detection capability versus paramagnetic or ferromagnetic inclusions or alloys in precious metals, as commonly present of counterfeits.

5. Precision balances 

The weighing technology we use at Sharps Pixley is an accurate check-weighing where the weight of individual coins and bars are known. With an accuracy of 0.05 grams the scales will indicate to us - in conjunction with our other testing methods - if there are either any counterfeit or underweight coins and bars.

In addition to the testing methods above, Sharps Pixley sources its gold bars and coins from our parent company Degussa in Germany who employs two full time goldsmiths and assay masters with extensive experience in checking numismatics and bullion products. Our experts forensically check the quality of all coins and bars that we purchase for authenticity and quality irrespective of whether they are from the secondary market or indeed direct from the leading mints and refineries.