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Safe Deposit Box FAQ

Where are is your facility?

Our Safe Deposit Box facility is located on St. James’s Street, just around the corner from Green Park underground station. Our postcode is SW1A 1JT.


How big are the boxes and how much do they cost?

We offer three different sizes to suit your needs, these are:

-          Small (Height - 4cm, Width - 25cm, Length - 40cm)  - £250 per annum
-          Medium (Height - 9cm, Width - 25cm, Length - 40cm) - £550 per annum
-          Large (Height - 29cm, Width - 25cm, Length - 40cm) – £1,250 per annum

All boxes come with £10,000 Liability Cover included. Clients can purchase additional cover at the following rates:

-          Up to £25,000 - £75 per annum
-          Up to £75,000 - £220 per annum
-          Up to £100,000 - £300 per annum
-          Up to £250,000 - £750 per annum
-          Up to £500,000 - £1,500 per annum

For Cover beyond £500,000 please contact us on 020 7871 0532


How do I open an account?

The whole process is very simple and takes approximately 15 minutes. To open an account we ask that you visit our facility with your two forms of ID (1 x photo ID and 1 x proof of address from the last three months). You will need to fill in the account opening form and make payment whilst we verify ID. Once the form and payment have been completed we shall set you up on our biometrics system and hand over keys.


What ID can I use?

We ask that clients bring to forms of ID. The first form is photo identification, clients often choose to use a passport or drivers license. We then ask that clients bring with them proof of address, clients often bring with them a bank statement or electricity/water bill. It is worth noting that we cannot accept a drivers license as proof of address.


What can I put in my box?

Discretion and security are extremely important to our clients. Your box is your space so what you put in there is your choice. You can find the full list of prohibited items see here


What happens if I lose my keys?

Call us, if only one key is lost, we can ask you to come in to replace the lock, if both keys are lost we will be forced to bring in a specialist locksmith to drill the box open.


Can I access my box easily?

Very easy. No appointment is needed you can simply drop in any time that suits between 10:00 and 17:00, Monday to Friday. Our biometrics system will swiftly verify your identity and you shall then be escorted to the vault where you may privately access your box and the viewing room.


Can anyone else access my box?

No. The only other person who may access the box is your additional user, should you choose to add one. To do this, you must bring this person to our store with their two forms of ID.

In the event of death, access may be granted if a certified copy of the death certificate is brought to our office. Access to your safe deposit box will only be allowed for probate valuation. No items may be removed until we have been shown a relevant grant of probate.


Is there any privacy in the vault?

Yes. We only allow one client in the vault at a time for maximum security and privacy. The vault has a viewing room which you will have private access to.


What payment methods do you accept?

Payment can be made by card, bank transfer or cash. For renewals we can also take card payment over the phone.


How do I renew/terminate my box?

For renewals, payment can be made by card or cash in store. Payment can also be made via bank transfer. We can also accept card payment over the phone (only for SDB renewals).

To cancel your account, simply call or visit us. Once keys are handed back, we will reimburse you the deposit taken upon signing up. Repayment of the deposit can be done in cash or via bank transfer.


Can I upgrade/downgrade my Box?

Yes. You may upgrade/downgrade the box size or level of liability cover midway through a term. We will simply calculate the difference and reimburse/charge you accordingly.


What would happen to my box should I die?

A certified copy of the death certificate must be brought to our office. Access to your safe deposit box will only be allowed for probate valuation. No items may be removed until we have been shown a relevant grant of probate.


Do you offer Business Accounts?

Yes, we require all customers under the business account to provide the appropriate ID's. In addition, we will need the following information:

-          Business Name
-          Company Registration Number
-          VAT Registration Number
-          Address


How secure are your premises?

Exceptionally. Our facility is amongst the most secure in the world. It is a Class 10 vault, the highest being 11. In fact, there are only a small few vaults in the world which have been qualified as Class 11, the Bank of England and Fort Knox being amongst them.

Whilst we cannot disclose specific security measures, we can report that we have a number of highly sophisticated overlapping systems in place to ensure your belongings are secure at all times. Indeed, the vaults are monitored and secured 24/7 using cutting-edge technology, which is supplemented by highly-trained personnel.

In addition to our own extensive security measures, we are also linked into the metropolitan police force for rapid response call outs. Being a stone’s throw from both Buckingham Palace and St James’s Palace, law enforcement officers are never far away should there be any issue.


How are my items covered?

We have risk insurance with our insurer and when a claim is made, we pass on the funds to our clients

Subject to pre-agreed amounts, we assume liability for loss or damage to items deposited in our vaults.


Are your boxes insured?

Yes, we have a full policy with JLT Group for insurance. JLT are backed by insurance from Lloyds of London.


Is Sharps Pixley regulated?

We are registered with the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) for running a safe deposit business. We do, however, operate outside the banking system.

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