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LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Russian CB adds 12.4 tonnes to its gold reserves in July

20 Aug 2017 - The Russian central bank continues to report monthly additions to its gold reserves - around 70% of its domestic gold production has gone into its reserves so far this year.

Lawrence Williams

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Gold taking another tilt at $1,300

17 Aug 2017 - The release of the latest set of minutes from the August FOMC meeting are being seen as an indicator that the Fed may not implement another interest rate increase this year and gold has been benefiting accordingly.

Lawrence Williams

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Gold - Rhetoric and U.S. economy calling the price

14 Aug 2017 - Will the U.S.- North Korean militaristic rhetoric continue and lead to a shooting war? What is the likely impact on the gold price as the northern holiday season draws to a close?

Lawrence Williams


14 Aug 2017 - An update and rewrite of a recent article using the theme from Chumbawumba's Tubthumping as an analogy for recent activity in the pricing performance of gold which seemingly gets 'knocked down' but gets up again.

Lawrence Williams

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Tubthumping gold

09 Aug 2017 - Gold has seen a succession of sharp price falls, followed by a recovery which reminds the writer of the refrain from the 1990s hit record by Chumbawumba entitled 'Tubthumping'.

Lawrence Williams

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Chinese gold reserves: Playing the old game

09 Aug 2017 - China has now reported a zero increase in its gold reserves ever since the yuan has officially become a constituent part of the SDR. Has it reverted to only reporting gold reserve increases at five or six year intervals?

Lawrence Williams

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Is there a pattern to Russia’s central bank gold purchases?

05 Aug 2017 - There seems to be a distinct target number appearing in Russian central bank gold additions.

Lawrence Williams

LAWRIE WILLIAMS:Chinese gold demand up 3.5% on 2016 ytd but way down on 2015

04 Aug 2017 - Latest SGE gold withdrawal figures for July show an increase over those of a year ago, but still well down on those for the record 2015 year.

Lawrence Williams

World Gold Council and RBC fear impact of GST on short term Indian gold demand

01 Aug 2017 - The World Gold Council fear that India's Goods and Services Tax could pile further pressure on short term demand in India. Their concerns are shared by RBC, who additionally report that the longer term outlook for the worlds No.2 consumer of the yellow...

Jack Carnell

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: June Swiss gold exports: 90% moving east

27 Jul 2017 - Latest gold import and export figures from Switzerland emphasise both the huge ever continuing gold flows to Asia and the Middle East from the west and the tightness building in the supply of available physical gold.

Lawrence Williams

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: GLD bleeds 71.58 tonnes of gold in just over a month

27 Jul 2017 - Even though the gold price has been rising, the world's largest gold ETF, GLD, has see gold outflows totalling 58.26 tonnes in the past month alone

Lawrence Williams

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Turkey gold imports still riding very high

25 Jul 2017 - Turkey's gold imports this year have already exceeded last year's total. For the latest month they totalled 46.2 tonnes making Turkey the world's third largest net importer of gold after China and India

Lawrence Williams

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Dollar and equities down, gold up: Is another flash crash coming?

24 Jul 2017 - Gold has recovered the ground it lost after the late-June flash crash. Does that mean a repeat is imminent?

Lawrence Williams

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Russian central bank still adding to its gold reserves

21 Jul 2017 - The Russian central bank added 9.33 tonnes to its official gold reserve in June putting it right on track to add 200 tonnes for the full year.

Lawrence Williams

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: World No. 2 producer Q1 gold exports to China huge new record

20 Jul 2017 - Australia's Q1 gold exports to Greater China (mainland plus Hong Kong) at a huge new record figure.

Lawrence Williams

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