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LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Gold – Scenarios from $700 to $5,000

05 Jun 2017 - The latest In Gold We Trust magnum opus comes up with pricing scenarios ranging from a low of $700 to a high of $5,000, and levels in between but the report's authors put thbe probability at the higher levels.

Lawrence Williams

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Could gold hit $1,300 this week?

05 Jun 2017 - Potential Black Swan events are lining up which could drive the gold price through $1,300. None of these are in any way certainties but in combination they could contribute to the kind of unease which could restimulate safe haven investment.

Lawrence Williams

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Gold: A play on the Fed and the UK election?

02 Jun 2017 - Two events taking place over the next two weeks could be the short term gold price drivers - the UK General election which looks like being far closer than initially predicted and the FOMC meeting when the next U.S. interest rate decision will be made.

Lawrence Williams

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Australia's Q1 gold output down on Q4 2016 but....

29 May 2017 - March quarter Australian gold output was 8% below that of Q4 2016, but still marginally up on a year earlier. Total gold production this year could well hit 300 tonnes or more.

Lawrence Williams

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: So who is really manipulating the gold price?

27 May 2017 - Analyst and economic and precious metals commentator Jim Rickards, comes up with an alternative opinion as to who is behind gold price suppression, if indeed it is happening.

Lawrence Williams

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: India top importer of Swiss gold for fourth successive month

24 May 2017 - Latest gold export figures from Swiss customs show India the biigest recipient of re-refined Swiss gold for fourth successive month. Substantially more Swiss gold also flowed directly into mainland China than into Hong Kong.

Lawrence Williams

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: China’s SGE revises gold withdrawals lower

23 May 2017 - The Shanghai Gold Exchange has adjusted its previously reported month-by-month and cumulative figures for gold withdrawals and the figures now tally

Lawrence Williams

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Sharp drop in Russia’s gold reserve increase in April

20 May 2017 - The Russian central bank reports only a 200,000 troy ounce (6.2 tonnes) increase in its gold reserves in April, compared with four times that level in March, but trhe nation's monthly announced reserve increases do fluctuate substantially.

Lawrence Williams

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Like a rubber ball, gold keeps bouncing back

17 May 2017 - The gold price seems to be nothing but resilient. It appears to be bouncing back up again after its recent sharp fall

Lawrence Williams

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Silver price prospects set fair

15 May 2017 - Latest estimates fom GFMS, put silver supply in deficit for the second successive year, with the prospects of such a deficit continuing with lower output and rising industrial use.

Lawrence Williams

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: China Gold Demand Holding Up Well. May even be better still

12 May 2017 - China's SGE has announced its latest gold withdrawal figures - for April - but theres a significant anomaly in the announced cumulative year to date figure which could suggest Chinese demand is even higher than the month by month figures suggest

Lawrence Williams

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: China and India step up to the gold demand plate

10 May 2017 - China's ongoing high level of gold demand plus a return to previous levels of Indian gold demand should provide good support to the global gold price this year.

Lawrence Williams

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Swiss gold imports – anomalous suppliers

03 May 2017 - Some traditional gold importers were among the biggest exporters of gold to Swizerland in March. Why?

Lawrence Williams

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: March Swiss gold exports show India no.1 again

02 May 2017 - The latest Swiss gold export figures for March show that India, once again, was easily the top recipient, taking in more than Hong Kong and China combined.

Lawrence Williams

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Gold’s wholly predictable drop after French vote

24 Apr 2017 - The French opinion polls were vindicated as the first round of the Presidential Election went very much as predicted and, unsurprisingly the gold price suffered accordingly in Asian and European trading. It had been bouyed by the very slim possibility...

Lawrence Williams

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