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LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Russia adds 31 tonnes of gold to reserves in November

21 Dec 2016 - The Russian central bank is continuing as the biggest purchaser of gold for its reserves with the addition of just over 31 tonnes in November

Lawrence Williams

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Clutching At Straws. Gold's Mega Bugs Look For Silver Linings

19 Dec 2016 - When gold is in retreat, as it has been recently, many of the strngly pro-gold commentators tend to sieze on perhaps spurious arguments as to why the situation will be shortlived in order to keep their subscribers happy

Lawrence Williams

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Gold and silver dip further as dollar continues on upwards path

15 Dec 2016 - Gold and silver continued to fall in the aftermath of yesterday's U.S. Fed rate hike news, although it should be recognised that the main culprit in the price fall has been continuing dollar strength.

Lawrence Williams

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Gold hammered on U.S. Fed rate decision

14 Dec 2016 - Despite a 100% chance being seen that the US Fed would raise interest rates by 25 basis points, the gold price plummeted on the news.

Lawrence Williams

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Big 40% uptick in November gold withdrawals on Shanghai Exchange

13 Dec 2016 - SGE gold withdrawals in November were a huge 40% higher than in October suggesting the annual total may yet reach 2,000 tonned

Lawrence Williams


12 Dec 2016 - A kook at some of tghe points raised in the latest 'Things that make you go hmm..'newsletter pointing to some of the positives for gold in the current uncertain political and economic environment.

Lawrence Williams

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Gold closes the week below $1,160. Where to now?

10 Dec 2016 - With gold dropping below $1,160 yesterday and an FOMC meeting this coming week seen as likely to reult in a raised U.S interest rate after a year of prevarication, what is in store for the gold price?

Lawrence Williams

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: With gold little is as it seems

09 Dec 2016 - There are some major anomalies in gold supply and demand statistics, and activity which make accurate price forecasting virtually impossible

Lawrence Williams

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Italian referendum : Gold confounds - again

05 Dec 2016 - Despite an Italian referendum result which would seem to favour gold, the metal price plunged when markets opened following a brief upwards spike when the likely referendum result became apparent.

Lawrence Williams

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Gold, GFMS, China Demand – Koos speaks out

04 Dec 2016 - GFMS's Chinese gold consumption figures skewered by's Koos Jansen

Lawrence Williams

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Major gold price divergence between Shanghai and London

01 Dec 2016 - Since early November when comparative SGE and LBMA benchmarks gold prices were mostly similar, a wide disparity in Shanghai's favour seems to have been developing.

Lawrence Williams

ROSS NORMAN - Gold's 2016 Rally Was Built On Sand

30 Nov 2016 - 2016 has been the most peculiar year for gold that I can remember. On the surface 2016 has been a typical year with a gain year-to-date of 11% which is a just shade lower than its annual average gain since 2001 at 12.8%. What makes the past year...

Ross Norman

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Gold back on the Fed grindstone

30 Nov 2016 - A likely U.S. Fed rate increase in December is but one of several factors which could affect the gold price negatively, or positively, in the days and months ahead.

Lawrence Williams


09 Nov 2016 - When playing a card game such as Whist or Bridge the TRUMP card is played as a surprise in order to gain an advantage says the dictionary ... and boy was it a surprise and did the pundits, the activists, the political sponsors ... pretty well everyone,...

Ross Norman

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Hillary Trumped – what now for Gold?

09 Nov 2016 - The Donald Trump victory in the U.S. Presidential election saw gold soar, but then fall back sharply. So what next?

Lawrence Williams

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