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LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Russian gold reserves – now 1,800 tonnes and rising

21 Nov 2017 - With the addition of some 21.8 tonnes to its gold reserves in October, Russia has increased its reserve to over 1,800 tonnes and is thus rapidly closing the gap on China which with 1842.6 tonnes is officially the worlds fifth largest national holder of...

Lawrence Williams

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Gold heads back up despite Friday’s take-down and stronger dollar

13 Nov 2017 - Gold has made something of a recovery from Friday's take-down on the paper gold futures market in making up most of its lost ground.

Lawrence Williams

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Europe pushes gold higher- USA slams it down – yet again!

11 Nov 2017 - The latest 'flash crash'in gold saw $4.2 billion worth of gold dumped on the paper gold futures market in a matter of minutes - but only accomplished a price fall of around $10.

Lawrence Williams

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: CHINA – ‘Official’ gold reserves now unchanged for a full year

09 Nov 2017 - China has again reported a zero increase in its gold reserves for October - for the twelfth month in a row.

Lawrence Williams

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Some positives from latest WGC report

09 Nov 2017 - While the media headlines from the latest World Gold Council Q3 Demand Trends report may be worrying from the gold bull's point of view, there are positives to be gleaned from it.

Lawrence Williams

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Indian gold imports heading for 900 tonnes in 2017 – maybe.

08 Nov 2017 - Latest gold import figures out of India suggest the country may be heading towards an annual figure of ca 900 tonnes, substantially higher than in 2016

Lawrence Williams

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: CHINA - SGE gold withdrawals still up 6% YTD

07 Nov 2017 - Shanghai Gold Exchange October gold withdrawals came out at much the same as a year earlier leaving year to date figures up around 6% on 2016.

Lawrence Williams

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Chinese gold demand up over 15% YTD

01 Nov 2017 - Latest figures from the China Gold Association put consumption up 15.49% for the first nine months of the year.

Lawrence Williams

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Palladium premium over platinum to persist – Metals Focus

25 Oct 2017 - Precious Metals specialist consultancy, Metals Focus, sees palladium prices continuing to exceed those of platinum in the short to medium term at least.

Lawrence Williams

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: China’s gold-for-oil threat to petrodollar

24 Oct 2017 - China's moves to replace the dollar as the global reserve currency may be denied, but with its 'gold-for yuan' option for oil purchases in its own currency it is moving another step closer.

Lawrence Williams

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Russian gold reserves: Another 34 tonnes added in September

21 Oct 2017 - Russia again upped it gold reserves in September with the purchase of 1.1 million ounce (34.2 tonnes) putting it easily on track to add a further 200 tonnes to reserves in the current year.

Lawrence Williams

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: What now for precious metals?

19 Oct 2017 - Another look at the likely price performance for precious metals in the light of the past week's price setbacks

Lawrence Williams

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Gold back over $1,300, palladium over $1,000. Can they hold?

16 Oct 2017 - The gold price has returned to plus $1,300 while palladium has powered through $1,000 for the first time since 2001. The price drivers involved are dissimilar, but these prices levels should be sustainable - at least in the short term.

Lawrence Williams

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: CHINA – Still no official increase in gold reserves

16 Oct 2017 - China has now reported a zero increase in its gold reserves for 11 straight months. As we have said before we believe these 'official' figures are bogus.

Lawrence Williams

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Palladium powers towards $1,000

13 Oct 2017 - Palladium's strong fundamentals are keeping it price above that of its normally price-dominant pgm sibling - platinum. Contrary to analyst forecasts we think it could remain the dominant pgm for the next couple of years.

Lawrence Williams

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