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LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Palladium powers towards $1,000

13 Oct 2017 - Palladium's strong fundamentals are keeping it price above that of its normally price-dominant pgm sibling - platinum. Contrary to analyst forecasts we think it could remain the dominant pgm for the next couple of years.

Lawrence Williams

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Chinese SGE gold demand UP in September

12 Oct 2017 - As gold makes another run on $1,300, Chinese SGE gold demand in September was 25% higher than a year earlier and is 7% higher year to date.

Lawrence Williams

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Bank picks gold and silver as likely outperformers next year

11 Oct 2017 - Analysts at Australia's Macquarie Bank put silver and gold among their picks of the likely four best performing metal/mineral commodities in 2018

Lawrence Williams

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: The fiction in Chinese gold reserves and media import coverage.

09 Oct 2017 - China has again reported a zero increase in its gold reserves for September, but we, and a number of other analysts believe the official reserve figure is a convenient fiction and true reserves are far higher. Likewise media reporting of Chinese gold...

Lawrence Williams

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Gold doing OK during China holiday

05 Oct 2017 - Despite Chinese markets being closed for the Golden Week holiday, gold prices have been remarkably stable albeit at a significantly lower level than we had been seeing in August and the first few days of September in the runup to the US Labor Day holiday

Lawrence Williams

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Metals Focus still sees gold hitting $1,400 average in 2018

04 Oct 2017 - Metals Focus, one of the world's leading precious metals analytical consultancies, has released its latest Precious Metals Investment Focus publication with a detailed analysis of precious metals supply, demand and price over the year ahead.

Lawrence Williams

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Palladium price overhauls platinum

28 Sep 2017 - The palladium price, as we predicted a couple of months ago, has risen above that of platinum making it easily the best performing precious metal so far this year.

Lawrence Williams

Sharps Pixley Now Accepts Bitcoin As Payment For Gold

26 Sep 2017 - Sharps Pixley, London’s leading bullion broker, today announced that they are now officially accepting Bitcoin as a payment method for gold bullion and other precious metals via leading payment processor BitPay.

Ross Norman

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Follow GLD for guide to ‘big money’ gold investment

26 Sep 2017 - Follow gold movements in and out of the world's largest gold ETF as perhaps the best indicator of institutional investment sentiment vis-a-vis gold.

Lawrence Williams

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Swiss gold exports still flowing east but at lower rate. Gold price picking up.again

25 Sep 2017 - Even though Swiss gold exports appear to have been at their lowest level for more than three years, gold prices have risen sharply on ever escalating aggressive rhetoric between the USA and North Korea.

Lawrence Williams

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Russia adds still more gold to reserves

23 Sep 2017 - Russia added another 15.6 tonnes of gold to its official reserves in August keeping it on track to keep adding to its holding at a similar rate to the past three years.

Lawrence Williams

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Will silver outperform gold in the months ahead?

15 Sep 2017 - Silver has been underperforming gold - an unusual occurrence when the gold price has been rising but precious metals consultancy, Metals Focus reckons that we'll see a turnaround in the months ahead.

Lawrence Williams

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Some encouragement for gold bulls – GLD adds 4 tonnes

14 Sep 2017 - There are several positive factors which could impact the gold price in the days and weeks ahead. Keep watching GLD!

Lawrence Williams

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Be wary: Gold, Silver, GLD turning down again post Labor Day

12 Sep 2017 - After peaking at the time of the Labor Day holiday, gold, silver and GLD deposits appear to have turned down. Is this the start of a downwards trend? Other factors would still seem positive for precious metals.

Lawrence Williams

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: China says it adds zero to its gold reserves – again

11 Sep 2017 - For the 10th month in a row China has reported a zero increase in the volume of its gold reserves, although the overall value has increased due to a rising gold price. We continue to doubt the veracity of the official Chinese figure!

Lawrence Williams

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