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Ross Norman

Ross started his business career with business guru Sir Clive Sinclair of Sinclair Research in Cambridge, before joining Johnson Matthey as Gold Refining Manager (then the worlds largest gold refiners), then as a gold trader at NM Rothschild & Sons (the Chairman of the London Gold Fixing) and later Credit Suisse, where he was a Senior Dealer in physical bullion trading.

Ross has an enviable record within the London Bullion Market in forecasting the gold price over the last decade and is frequently sought by the media for commentary on the bullion markets. Ross has made frequent appearances on TV (BBC, CNBC, CBC) in newspapers (FT. Wall Street Journal) as well as in the newswires (Reuters, Bloomberg and Dow Jones).


ROSS NORMAN : Gold Poised - $1291 Is A Game Changer

13 Apr 2017 - Gold is poised to crack the critically important $1291 level which is a trendline going to back to the all time high on September 22nd 2011 when gold hit $1922 an ounce.

ROSS NORMAN : Gold Gravitates To $1250 Ahead Of Futures & Options Expiry

23 Mar 2017 - Like a celestial body, gold has a number of influences affecting its trajectory. Aside from the primary direction of travel formed by flows into and out of this asset, there are also short term distortions - a type of gravity at play - which affects...

ROSS NORMAN : Rates Up - Gold Up - Why ??

16 Mar 2017 - To observers of financial markets it must seem odd that they often behave exactly the opposite to what is expected. Explaining it is also a strange thing too.

ROSS NORMAN - A Response to The LME Issue

24 Feb 2017 - In response to Andy Home's article : LME : We need to talk about the LONDON METAL EXCHANGE: Andy Home

ROSS NORMAN : The Outlook for Gold in 2017 (30 Minutes)

20 Feb 2017 - The Outlook for Gold in 2017


18 Jan 2017 - It is harder than ever to make a sensible gold forecast and with good reason. Markets are increasingly driven by political events (often impossible to predict) and correspondingly less by economic and market fundamental ones. Prima facie gold is a...

ROSS NORMAN - Gold's 2016 Rally Was Built On Sand

30 Nov 2016 - 2016 has been the most peculiar year for gold that I can remember. On the surface 2016 has been a typical year with a gain year-to-date of 11% which is a just shade lower than its annual average gain since 2001 at 12.8%. What makes the past year...


09 Nov 2016 - When playing a card game such as Whist or Bridge the TRUMP card is played as a surprise in order to gain an advantage says the dictionary ... and boy was it a surprise and did the pundits, the activists, the political sponsors ... pretty well everyone,...


14 Oct 2016 - The Australian newspaper reports today on the damning case against the London gold fix following work by one of their leading academics. The research by the PHD mathematician shows quite conclusively that there is a build up of trading activity before...

ROSS NORMAN : Gold Price Impasse - Who gives first ???

29 Sep 2016 - What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object ? The paradox is not meant for philosophic debate, but an intro to possibly explain the current gold price (in)action... and by extension, where it might be headed.

ROSS NORMAN : Gold Rallies For UK Investors ... AGAIN

04 Aug 2016 - ROSS NORMAN : Gold Rallies For UK Investors ... AGAIN

SHARPS PIXLEY : Gold Rockets 20 Pct

24 Jun 2016 - Gold rocketed this morning as the shock UK referendum result saw carnage in financial market prompting a rush to safe haven assets like gold

ROSS NORMAN : Gold Rallies For British Investors on BREXIT Fears

13 Jun 2016 - For UK gold investors, the sharply weakening currency is proving a fantastic win for them; gold commenced 2016 at GBP 725.02 ...

ROSS NORMAN : A Paper Gold Rally - Physical Yet To Engage

05 May 2016 - The key question in our mind is whether a paper rally in gold can be sustained without the significant involvement of the physical community... Gold's 22% gain year-to-date is impressive - not to say exceptional - and gold bugs will heave a sigh of...

SILVER FIX - Not Fit For Purpose R.I.P.

31 Jan 2016 - Somebody needs to say it … so I will. The LBMA silver price (aka the silver fix) is not fit for purpose.

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