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Keeping up to date with investments is the only way to increase the chances of success and at Sharps Pixley, we're committed to bringing you all the latest news, prices and goings on in the precious metals market.


Everything You Need to Know About The Queen’s Beasts Coins

10 Sep 2018 - When Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II was coronated in 1953, Westminster Abbey was protected by ten fantastical creatures: The Queen’s Beasts.

Are Safe Deposit Boxes Still Relevant?

09 Aug 2018 - Safe deposit boxes are individually secured containers often used to store important valuables

Best Gold Coins to Invest In: The Queen’s Beasts

12 Jul 2018 - The Queen’s Beasts bullion coins are British coins issued by the Royal Mint since 2016.

The South African Krugerrand: A Brief History

05 Jul 2018 - The South African Krugerrand was first minted in 1967, and just like its country of origin, it caused a stir around the globe for many years.

Why Investing in Gold is a Great Idea

15 May 2018 - Gold seems to have made quite a rather large comeback this year and for all the right reasons

How Can I Store My Gold Safely?

13 Apr 2018 - This is one of the most common questions we’re asked at Sharps Pixley by first-time gold buyer.

Gold Bars or Gold Coins: Which is Right For Me?

05 Mar 2018 - Whether you're a newbie to the world of gold or not, deciding whether to invest in bullion coins or bars indeed provides some food for thought.

Why Should You Invest in Platinum, Rhodium & Palladium?

01 Feb 2018 - Some precious metals lose their respective shimmer when they are pitted against all the headlines of the ups and downs of the gold and silver mar...

Gold in Your Pension: Add a Little Sparkle to Your Pension Pot

03 Jan 2018 - Gold holds a special place in our history and continues to keep a hold on our imagination, even above jewels like diamonds. So, when the Royal M...

The History of Coin Collection

18 Dec 2017 - Coin collecting is a hobby of patience and diligence. Most collectors start in their formative years, often inspired by collections from relatives.

Why is Gold a Valuable Commodity?

13 Dec 2017 - At Sharps Pixley precious metals are, of course, our passion and we love to advise experienced and amateur investors alike when it comes to gold...

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