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Best Gold Coins to Invest In: The Queen’s Beasts

The Queen’s Beasts bullion coins are British coins issued by the Royal Mint since 2016. Available in gold and silver, they provide a new and exciting option for investment. The collection is designed to celebrate the centuries of tradition and heritage that came before this young woman was crowned queen.

The Royal Mint has creatively designed this series, inspired by the 10 golden heraldic statues that watched over Queen Elizabeth, as she entered Westminster Abbey to be crowned in 1953. In the same way, the Britannia and Sovereign Gold Coins are Capital Gains Tax exempt as legal tender British Gold Coins, the Queen’s Beasts coins are also CGT exempt. We stock various Queen’s Beasts coins, you can see them below in more detail and start thinking about your investment plans.

Let’s take a look at the gold coins released so far.

1oz The Queens Beasts 2016 The Lion - £1,431.00

The Queen’s Beasts 2016 Gold Coin is the first of a series of ten designs in the bullion range. With a bold interpretation of The Lion, this coin is already rare, despite it only being released in 2016. The Lion of England is crowned the golden lion of England, and lions have appeared on every British Sovereign.

The coin is struck in 999.9 gold fineness and contains one troy ounce of gold. The 2016 Queen’s Beasts Lion Coin is a worthwhile and precious coin to have in your investment portfolio, especially if you are a keen collector. You can find the coin available to purchase through Sharps Pixley for £1,432 (as at time of writing*) but you may wish to act fast to avoid disappointment because with limited supply, this premium coin is getting more expensive everyday!

1oz The Queens Beasts 2017 The Griffin - £1,385.00

The Queen’s Beasts 2017 Gold Coin is the second coin to be released from the 10-coin bullion collection. The coin features a stylised rendition of the Griffin of Edward, where you’ll be able to see it’s claws holding on to a shield. The coin is 999.9 fine gold and weighs 31.1g. With the Queen’s Beasts coins, they are a great addition to investment portfolios. Because the collection is influenced by centuries of royal heraldry and history, it carries a lot of value and not just when it comes to money.

1oz The Queens Beasts 2018 The Black Bull of Clarence - £1,005.00

Unsurprisingly, the latest and fifth addition to the Queen’s Beast gold coin collection is the cheapest. The coin features the majestic Black Bull of Clarence, and it holds the shield in it’s arms. The Black Bull of Clarence is an emblem of Edward IV, the first Yorkist king. The Queen’s Beasts collection coins from the Royal Mint are an exclusive bullion coin, minted to bullion standard.

The collection brings to life the ten imposing statues that witnessed a young woman crowned queen and it’s a real pleasure to stock such exclusive gold coins. If you have any queries or would like to discuss investing in one of the coins listed above, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

* Prices were accurate as at 12th July 2018.

12 Jul 2018 | Categories: Coins

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