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1kg silver bar

1kg Silver Bar - Sharps Pixley

1000g Sharps Pixley Silver Bullion Bar

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5kg Silver Bar - Sharps Pixley

5kg Silver Bar - Sharps Pixley

Manufacturer: LBMA good delivery refiner, marked with the traditional Sharps Pixley logo.

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Buying Silver Bullion Bars

Purchasing silver bullion bars is typically regarded as the most economical way of owning physical silver, as the production costs associated with bars are lower than that for coins. The more affordable price continues to appeal to investors, offering an efficient and cost effective way to diversify their portfolio and gain exposure to the silver market.

VAT-Free Silver Bars

Silver bullion attracts VAT and is therefore often viewed as a longer-term, more speculative investment, particularly when compared with gold. However, Sharps Pixley is able to offer investors the opportunity to hold physical silver VAT free in our state-of-the art vaulting facility. This makes your silver investment far more cost efficient, effectively saving you 20%. Our vaults are 100% underwritten by Lloyds of London, giving you the assurance that your investment is safe, secure and fully insured. Clients who use our vaulting services have full inspection rights over their precious metal holding, and are offered preferential buy back rates should they choose to sell their bullion back to Sharps Pixley. Silver vault custody fees do apply, find out more here.

Sharps Pixley Investment Bullion Bars

Sharps Pixley stock a wide variety of silver bullion bars at low, competitive premiums, ranging from the smaller denomination bars weighing 1oz, 100g and 1kg, to the larger 5kg, 15kg and 1000oz market bars for the more seasoned investor. Please note that the 1000oz market bars will all vary slightly in weight, and the client will not be able to take physical delivery of the metal. If you require further information, please contact a member of the team.

The Silver Market

The physical silver market is notoriously volatile. There are many factors at play which can cause wide ranging valuations, including silvers relative low value when compared with its gold counterparts, a smaller market with lower market liquidity, and fluctuations in demand between its industrial uses and its use as a store of value. Whilst there are greater risks associated with a more volatile market, there is also more opportunity for significant financial gain as investors could receive a far higher return on their investment.

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