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Add physical gold to your pension

Long-term protection of your pension savings is increasingly important. Physical gold is a proven safe haven asset in turbulent times as well as diversifying your portfolio. Sharps Pixley now offers a simple and cost effective way of buying and selling gold within your pension.

Since 2014 the UK Treasury allowed physical gold to form part of a personal pension plan. Gold invested in your pension plan is free from VAT and any gains will be free of Capital Gains tax. 

Individuals can add physical gold to a pension via a Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) or a Small Self-Administered Scheme (SSAS). A pension offers tax relief and is specifically designed to provide you with retirement income. Depending on your circumstances, the UK Government will pay up to 45% of the cost of your gold. In addition, any gains with be Capital Gains Tax (CGT) exempt subject to rules and guidelines by the HMRC. The normal rate is 28% of any gain.

Sharps Pixley can work with your current provider or suggest a list of SIPP and SASS providers if you do not currently have an account. 

The requirement from the HMRC is for the physical gold to in your pension savings to be held in bar form with a purity no less than 99.50% as well as ensuring that it is securely stored. Please note that physical silver, platinum and palladium cannot be held in a SIPP/SAPP.

Sharps Pixley offers investment grade bars with a purity of 99.99% produced by world leading and LBMA accredited refineries ; plus we offer 100% allocated safe storage in our highly secure vault. Our facility has insurance through a leading Lloyds of London broker. This means that we go above and beyond the HMRC requirements. 



The fees for our vaulting arrangements are 0.3% per annum of the value of the gold being stored and includes full insurance. 

Value of holdingAnnual fee excl. VAT
£25,000.00 and below £75.00
£50,000.00 £150.00
£100,000.00 £300.00
£250,000 and above Please contact us for rates

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