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Safe Deposit Boxes
Safe Deposit Boxes

Safe Deposit Boxes in London

A safe haven asset is not just what you buy, it is also where you keep it.

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Protecting Your Assets

Our secure facility in St James’s provides a range of storage solutions at affordable prices, whether you require custodianship in our vault or your own Safe Deposit Box. The premises are ideal for storing precious metals purchased through Sharps Pixley as well as other belongings. Our highly sophisticated, world-class security systems with around-the-clock surveillance will ensure your items are fully secured and protected. Our facility has insurance through a leading Lloyds of London broker.


Key Features

  • Our state-of-the-art Safety Deposit Box facility protects your assets 24/7
  • Your safe deposit locker can only be accessed by you and your possible additional user
  • You are provided with two unique keys and Sharps Pixley does not hold a copy
  • Access to the facility is available five days a week (Monday – Friday)
  • You incur no additional charges for accessing your Safe Deposit Box
  • We are an independent company operating outside the banking system
  • £10,000 worth of liability is included, with the option of additional liability
  • Available in three different sizes to suit your needs

Box Sizes and Fees

Safe Deposit Box SizeAnnual Rental Fee (Incl. VAT)
Small (40mm x 250mm x 400mm)  £250
Medium (90mm x 250mm x 400mm)  £550
Large (290mm x 250mm x 400mm) £1,250


LiabilityAdditional Fee (Incl. VAT)
£10,000  Included
£25,000   £75
£75,000  £220
£100,000  £300
£250,000 £750
£500,000 £1,500

To sign up for this service, all you need to do is visit us to set up your account. You do not need to book an appointment and we are open Monday to Friday 10am to 5pm. We will ask for two forms of ID (one photo and one address confirmation dated within 3 months) to complete the set up.  If you have any other questions, please contact us on or +44 (0)20 7871 0532.

To download the terms and conditions, please click here


Click here to reserve your safe deposit box


Custody Arrangements

We offer custody arrangements in our vaults for precious metals exceeding a value of £100,000. To discuss vaulting with us please contact Sharps Pixley directly at +44 (0)20 7871 0532 or


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