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We offer clients a choice of 3 box sizes and either an annual or quarterly rental term. We recommend you visit us to choose the perfect size for your needs and one of our experienced team will be on hand to assist you. View pricing and dimensions here.



To complete the account opening process please bring with you one valid photo ID and one proof of address document dated within the last 3 months. Please see below to see which documentation is permissible.

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We accept cash, debit and credit cards and bitcoin as payment for your Safety Deposit Box. Once the paperwork is complete we will give you your keys and get you set up in security. The process takes no longer than 15 minutes and then you have immediate access to deposit items in your box.

Application Requirements

It is compulsory for all customers to produce the necessary identification documents at the time of opening a new account or when being added to an existing account.

Please see below our identification requirements for both Individual and Corporate / Business accounts:


One of the following forms of Photographic ID:

  • Passport
  • Full Photo-card Driving License
  • EU National Identity Card
  • Armed Forces, Police or Other Agency Identification

One permanent Proof of Address: (Dated within the last 3 months)

  • Bank Statement
  • Government HMRC Statement
  • Council Tax or Housing Tenancy Bill
  • Housing Deeds, Mortgage Correspondence
  • TV License
  • Utility Bill - Gas / Electric or Telephone

Corporate / Business

In addition to the required Individual identification, we require the following documents:

UK Limited Company / LLP / Partnership / Foreign Limited Company

  • Description of Business / Business Activity
  • Certificate of Incorporation / Partnership Agreement
  • Registered Address
  • Identity of the Directors / LLP members and Main Shareholders / List of Partners
  • Letter of Authority to open an account (signed by 2 directors if applicable)
  • Verification of the identities of at least two directors and any Shareholders holding more than 25% of the Issued Share Capital or Equity.

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