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China Mint

Running under the supervision of the People's Bank of China, China Mint is the national mint of the People’s Republic of China. They provide nationwide minting, printing and refining services as well as distributing gold, silver and other precious metal coins through designated official distributors, such as the China Gold Coin Incorporation (CGCC). Actively developing and expanding the Chinese bullion market, CGCC has established extensive cooperative relationships with major coin dealers and banks throughout Asia, Europe and the Americas. In recent years, the China Mint has expanded to include 22 offices in order to meet rising international demands for Chinese bullion and commemorative coins.

China Mint

The People's Bank of China is in overall charge of currency, including coin production and distribution. Aside from the China Mint, the bank operates a number of other mints which produce specialised products such as gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and collectors coins.

China Mint

The China Gold Coin Incorporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of the People's Bank of China. Established in 1987, it is mainly responsible for the designing and marketing of China's precious metals coins and medals.

China Mint

The Chinese Gold Panda bullion coins, featuring the Temple of Heaven on the obverse, are one of China’s most popular exports. It has featured a different design on the reverse each year it has been in production.

The China Mint has come to be valued for combining traditional Chinese craftsmanship and techniques with modern, innovative and international practices. Their Chinese Gold Panda bullion coins, first introduced in 1982, are particularly sought after by collectors for their intricate design and high gold and silver bullion content. Unlike the majority of other mints, the Chinese Mint does not stamp a mint mark on coinage. Collectors can determine the location of minting by examining the date, size and style of the coins.

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