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2015 1oz Australian Koala Silver Coin reverse

1oz Australian Koala Silver Coin - Best Value

The 1oz Australian Koala Silver Coin - Best Value, may come from any year of issue, with one of our experts selecting the best available at the time of purchase, and is delivered in our protective plastic flips.


Reverse of the 2016 1kg Australia Lunar II Silver Coin - Year of the Monkey

2016 1kg Australian Lunar II Silver Coin - Year of the Monkey

The 2016 1kg Australia Lunar II Silver Coin - Year of the Monkey, is a large beautiful coin containing one kilo of fine silver. Available to purchase online or in-store.


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Buying Silver Coins Online

Purchasing silver bullion coins offers investors a flexible way of owning physical silver. The relatively low value, compared with gold, appeals to those who prefer more metal for their monetary investment, and the convenient unit size means they can easily be traded and handled by precious metal traders, private investors, banks and savings institutions. They are also more convenient to store, in contrast to the bulkier silver bars.

Silver coins will typically attract higher premiums than silver bars due to the higher production, handling and insurance costs. However, if you are a UK taxpayer, you can benefit from purchasing silver Britannia coins as their status as British legal tender means they are exempt from Capital Gains Tax (CGT). In this instance, the tax benefits may outweigh the additional premium. If you are also in the market for gold, perhaps you may like to  browse our extensive selection of gold bars and gold coins

VAT-free Silver Coins

Silver bullion is subject to VAT and is therefore often viewed as a longer-term, more speculative investment, particularly when compared with gold. However, Sharps Pixley offers investors the opportunity to hold physical silver VAT free in our state-of-the art vaulting facility. This makes your silver coin investment far more cost efficient, effectively saving you 20%. Our vaults are 100% underwritten by Lloyds of London, giving you the assurance that your investment is safe, secure and fully insured. Clients who use our vaulting services have full inspection rights over their precious metal holding, and are offered preferential buy back rates should they choose to sell their bullion back to Sharps Pixley.

Investing in Silver Coins

Sharps Pixley stocks a wide range of 999 and 999.9 silver coins at low and competitive premiums, including the internationally recognisable South African Krügerrand, Canadian Maple Leaf, American Eagle, and the Vienna Philharmonic from Austria. Many of the silver coins we supply are available to purchase individually or in tubes of multiple coins, where discounts become available. A cost effective way of purchasing silver coins is to buy ‘Monster Boxes’, the most popular of which contains five hundred one-ounce silver Britannia coins directly sourced from the Royal Mint. Our silver coins are also available in a variety of weights, including one-ounce, two-ounce, and one kilo coins. We also provide investment services by working with you to create a bespoke investment proposal.

The Silver Coin Market

The physical silver market is notoriously volatile. There are many factors at play which can cause wide ranging valuations, including silvers relative low value when compared with its gold counterparts, a smaller market with lower market liquidity, and fluctuations in demand between its industrial uses and its use as a store of value. Whilst there are greater risks associated with a more volatile market, there is also more opportunity for significant financial gain as investors could receive a far higher return on their investment. Keep up to date with the silver market by checking out our newsroom page where you can obtain expert analysis on gold & silver news as well as prices from our research team.

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