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14 December 2021

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Bitcoin volatility will drive investors back to gold

The recent votolatility in Bitcoin, which has even seen BTC - the most traded cryptocurrency - fall by around 30% at one time and smaller cryptos like Dogecoin over 70% below its peak, demonstrate that cryptocuurencies are not reliable wealth preservers and waverers will likely return to gold as the ultimate safe haven as it has been from time immemorial

08 December 2021

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: China gold demand heading for plus 1,700 tonnes in FY2021

The latest gold withdrawal figures from China's Shanghai Gold Exchange, point to an annual gold demand total exceeding 1,700 tonnes this year, the highest level since 2018.

23 November 2021

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Russia adds another 3 tonnes of gold to its reserves

Latest figures from the Russian central bank show another increase in its gold reserves in October of 3.1 tonnes , a similar amount to that recorded also in July and September. However this amount is too small to yet know whether this represents a reversal in the bank's recent gold buying policy.

21 November 2021

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: China/Hong Kong back as top importers of Swiss gold in October

The latest gold export figures for October released by the Swiss customs authorities, show that China has resumed its position as the No.1 importer of Swiss gold refinery output, followed by India and Hong Kong.

19 November 2021

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: China gold demand highest for 3 years

The latest announced gold withdrawals figures from the SGE for October have come in as the highest since 2018 meaning the likely full year total will be the highest since then too/

22 October 2021

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Russia’s CB gold reserves move marginally higher

The Russian central bank has announced its latest gold reserve position and reports upping its reserve by an Insignifican 3.1 tonnes, but does this represent the true picture?

17 October 2021

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: China’s 2021 gold demand already exceeds full year 2020

The Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE) has just announced its outwards gold statistics for September and these show that gold withdrawals from the Exchange, which we assess to be the best estimate of the nation's real gold demand, are already higher after nine-months than they were for the whole of 2020 and are trending higher than the 2019 pre-Covid figures.

21 September 2021

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Russian Central Bank stands pat on gold reserves.

The Rigussian Central Bank i used to be consistently the largest purcahser of gold for its foreign exchange reserves, bu since April 2020 it has pretty much withdrawn from this market and August was ne exception with no gold purchased yet again.

01 September 2021

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: China losing top gold producer slot to Australia?

Latest research from Melbourne-based precious metals consultancy, suggests that Australia.s new mined gold outpu in H1 2021 moved ahead of Chinese production, as according to figures from the China Gold Association.

22 August 2021

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Russia replaces reserve gold utilised?

In the latest month, the Russian Central Bank reports the addition of 3.1 tonnes to its gold reserves. However we do not feel this represents a change in policy as earlier this year it had reported two instances where a simiilar amount of gold had been lwithdrawn from its reserves so it looks like this is just a replacement of gold utilised for some unexplained purpose,