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LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Russian gold reserves fall, but central bank buying still positive

Lawrence Williams

23 May 2021The latest data from the Russian central bank on its forex reserves shows that the nation sold another 3,1 tonnes of gold in April, but this amount is very small in relation to total reserves and meanwhile the WGC reckons that central bank gold buying will remain positive in 2021

LAWRIE WILLIAMS:  Equities and Bitcoin crash as Gold soars.

Lawrence Williams

20 May 2021Midweek saw the gold price soaring towards $1,900 until stopped in its tracks by new Fed minutes suggesting the central bank's easing programme may be cut back - although not yet. equities and bitcoin both fell sharply which could presage a major correction ahead.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: CHRISTIAN - Ultra bullish on silver long term

Lawrence Williams

19 May 2021Jeff Christian's New York based CPM group, which has a great track record on precious metals analysis, has just released its 2021 report on the silver market and in a pre-report release webcast he appeared to be bullish on the silver price short term - and even more so longer term.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Gold soars past $1,850.  Is $1,900 next?

Lawrence Williams

17 May 2021Gold and silver st ofarted the week off very strongly, with sharp rises above the $1,860, perhaps putting $1.900 gold and $29 silver in sight.Meanwhile general eqiuities have been stuttering and bitcoin falling sharply. Is this the continuing face of things to come?

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Gold and silver prices taken down sharply but recovering fast

Lawrence Williams

14 May 2021Midweek saw shrp falls in precious metals prices, but a partial recovery had set in by Friday suggestin that thhe downturn was, perhaps, an overdue correction. There have to be doubts about the U.S. Federal Reserve's continuing position on inflation, interest rates and QE suggesting further precious meta;s strenght ahead.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: China gold demand still building but silver less certain

Lawrence Williams

12 May 2021Chinese, and global, gold demand fundamentals seem to be improving compared with the Covid-affected 2020 year, but silver prospects remain more clouded.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Inflation fears boosting gold price?

Lawrence Williams

11 May 2021A recent statement - msince claimed to have been taken out of context - by new U.S. Treasury Secretary and former Fed chai, Janet Yellen, coupled with disappinting U.S. employment stats and a declining dollar. served as catalysts for a positive run in the gold price.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Gold over $1,800, silver over $27. Can price growth go on?

Lawrence Williams

08 May 2021This past week has seen the gold price move up comfortably through the $1,800 psychological barrier, taking silver up through $27 with it. Can it now consolidate and then attack the $1,850 level?

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Global gold demand – better and worse

Lawrence Williams

01 May 2021The World Gold Council (WGC) has released its latest Q1 Gold Demand Trends report which indicates that Q1 gold demand this year was haigher than in Q4 last year, but comfortably below that of the same quarter a year ago.. There are positives and negatives to be gleaned from closer analysis of the WGC's findings.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Fed up with the Fed – No changes - yet

Lawrence Williams

29 April 2021The latest FOMC meeting took place mid week and signified no change in the Fed's current ultstra-low interest rate and bond purchasing programmes. Precious metals breathed a sigh of relief and moved marginally higher

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