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LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Gold over $1,800, silver over $27. Can price growth go on?

08 May 2021This past week has seen the gold price move up comfortably through the $1,800 psychological barrier, taking silver up through $27 with it. Can it now consolidate and then attack the $1,850 level?

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Global gold demand – better and worse

01 May 2021The World Gold Council (WGC) has released its latest Q1 Gold Demand Trends report which indicates that Q1 gold demand this year was haigher than in Q4 last year, but comfortably below that of the same quarter a year ago.. There are positives and negatives to be gleaned from closer analysis of the WGC's findings.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Fed up with the Fed – No changes - yet

29 April 2021The latest FOMC meeting took place mid week and signified no change in the Fed's current ultstra-low interest rate and bond purchasing programmes. Precious metals breathed a sigh of relief and moved marginally higher

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Swiss March gold exports back to around 49% of global new gold output

28 April 2021The latest gold export data from Switzerland for March keeps India as being by far the largest recipient with an amount equivalent to around 20% of global new mined gold output for this one country alone,

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Gold and silver consolidating

26 April 2021Gold and silver prices are much where we had predicted they would be at the end of last week. With gold consolidating in the $1,770s it may take another tilt at the $1,800 resistance level this week, Silver will likely follow gold's path.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Gold retreats – but no change there.

23 April 2021After almost hitting the $1.800 an ounce psychological level, gold was pegged back a few dollars, but now seems to be consolidating in the $1.770s and 80s, which suggests another tilt at $1,800 sooner rather than later.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Russia stands pat on gold reserves.

21 April 2021Once again the Russian central bank has announced a zero monthly increase in its gold reserves. Its policy of persuading its gold producers to sell their output on global markets has enabled it to keep a strong balance of payments position.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Don’t pay too much for your silver

20 April 2021Silver price premiums are riding high despite adequate supply. This is something of an anomaly that needs to be addressed by the silver investor.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: A decidedly more positive week for gold

17 April 2021The past week has seen gold surge throught the $1.750 level which had previously tended to be something of a resistance point. We foresee a period of consolidation at or around current levels and then an attack on regaining $1,800

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: U.S. inflation fears give gold a kick in the pants!

13 April 2021After a negative start in Asian and European trade, new inflation data served to awaken the gold price and give it the impetus to take another run at the $1,750 price level.

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