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LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Another freaky Friday for gold

23 October 2021Thje gold price had appeared to be on the up on Friday in European and early U.S. trade, but it was all brought down to earth again by an online statement by U,S, Fed chair, Jerome Powell where he agin described the current rising inflationary trend as 'transitory'

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Russia’s CB gold reserves move marginally higher

22 October 2021The Russian central bank has announced its latest gold reserve position and reports upping its reserve by an Insignifican 3.1 tonnes, but does this represent the true picture?

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Platinum closing in on palladium as fundamentals gap closes

20 October 2021The gap between the prices of palladium and platinum seems to be narrowing and while it will take a considerable omount of time yet for platinum to regain its price leadership role, its long term future looks better than that of its fellow pgm

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: China’s 2021 gold demand already exceeds full year 2020

17 October 2021The Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE) has just announced its outwards gold statistics for September and these show that gold withdrawals from the Exchange, which we assess to be the best estimate of the nation's real gold demand, are already higher after nine-months than they were for the whole of 2020 and are trending higher than the 2019 pre-Covid figures.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: A better week for gold brought short

16 October 2021What had appeared to be a nice data driven gold price boost midweek was brought back down to earth on Friday on further reflection by the markets. Even so, the price rose weekend-to-weekend, but in the event only marginally.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Gold – your protection against stagflation

13 October 2021Currernt economic patterns put a period of stagflation firmly on the horizon. Stagflation tends to be negative for equities and bonds, but rather more positive for precious metals which give some protection against declines in fiat currency purchasing power.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Pgms stuttering as Gold flat and Silver marks time

12 October 2021All the precious metals are trading pretty flat at the moment and we see nothing on the immediate horizon to change that picture, Gold and silver remain data driven while pgms are showing perhaps the most weakness potential as the automobile manufacturing sector suffers from a shortage of microprocessor chips

LAWRIE WILLIAMS:  The Gold Observer – a service worth its weight!

07 October 2021A recommendation to access material on precious metals written by Jan Nieuwenhuijs - perhaps better known to some readers as Koos Jansen. His research into the sector is probably unparalleled and his insights into Chinese gold trade have been eye-opening

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Indian gold demand v. strong, but still not No. 1

05 October 2021Latest unofficial gold import figures out of India suggest that 2021 consumption remains particularly strong, although probably insufficiently so to knock China of its No.1 global gold demand slot. Overall, though, strong Asian consumption overall bodes well for supply.demand fundamentals and the gold price, particularly if the U.S. Fed slows down its bond-purchasing and interest rate raising plans.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Gold:  More Fed uncertainty could delay tapering

04 October 2021New statements fron Fed chair Jerome Powell and Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, both suggest that U,S, economic recovery may not be proceeding as Powell suggested post the last FOMC meeting and thus might lead to further delays in the implementation of the Fed's proposed recovery programme

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