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LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Gold stuttering.  All else playing catch-up

22 July 2021After a positive early start to the week, the gold price has been stuttering above and below the $1,800 level, while equities and bitcoin have been recovering strongly despite some negative coronavirus data. Even so, there are some strong positives for gold in terms of negative real interest rates - which may well get worse, and news of yet another big central bank gold purchase - this time by Brazil

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: All Fall Down – Except Gold

20 July 2021The current week started with across-the-board falls in most assets, with the notable exception of gold and the U.S. dollar, which both seem to be sticking to their safe have attributes.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Where’s gold going next? Will silver keep up?

19 July 2021Despite the continuing weakness in the bitcoin price, gold seems as if it may be drifting downwards too and silver is faring even worse. Will the precious metals prices reverse and start to gain again? The prospects for price recovery look good.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: W(h)ither bitcoin.  Gold looks to be a better bet.

16 July 2021Bitcoin has proved to be an extremely volatile investment asset. There are some ever-increasingly adverse media exposés of some of the more dubious antecedents of those controlling some of the biggest entities in the field which could lead to prices being driven down further. Meanwhile gold continues as one of the best, and safest, wealth protectors.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Gold tentatively holds above $1,800

14 July 2021Gold has been mostly holding above the key $1,800 level in recent days and could be making a base from which it could well advance over the northern summer. Some demand elements tre looking very positive including higher levels of central bank purchasing.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Will she, won’t she?  Gold poised but which way will it move?

10 July 2021The gold price ended the past week above $1,800 and may be making a base from which it could move onwards and upwards. We assess the likelihood of this occurring and also consider the latest gold price predictions from the cautiously bullish Canadian consultancy, Murenbeeld & Co.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Big demand boost for China gold in June

08 July 2021Latest withdrawal figures for the month of June from the Shanghai Gold Exchange continue to see month-on-month gains over 2020 figures, but for the first time this year have exceeded those for the same month in 2019 too suggesting that demand in the world's No.1 consumer is definitely picking up.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Views on gold somewhat mixed.  We remain bullish.

08 July 2021The release of the minutes for last month's FOMC meeting, even though they confirm the discussions which decimated the gold price a couple of weeks ago - from which it had mostly recovered - seem to have been received with equanimity. Precious metals prices are down, but not drastically so as some might have expected.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Gold and 10 year TIPS inverse diverge.  Buying signal?

05 July 2021The strong relationship between the gold price movement and the inverse of the 10-year U.S. TIPS yield has been diverging ever since the negative fall-out from the recent FOMC meeting deliberations, despite some very gold positive data from the central bank sector. Does this represent a great buying signal for gold?

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Revised gold, silver and pgm price forecasts for end-2021

02 July 2021Gold, silver and platinum have all underperformed our price expectations as predicted back in December 2020, while palladium has done better than we anticipated. As a consequence we have recast our precious metals price predictions for the year end accordingly.

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