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LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Russian gold going to China, but are amounts as tiny as reported?

04 September 2022The Moscow Times reports on Russian gold shipments to China, but in amounts so small that it raises the question as to their accuracy given Russia's needs to finance its Ukraine war and China's perceived desire to build its own gold reserves.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Gold drifts downwards – equities worse

03 September 2022Gold and silver prices fell quite sharply during the past week before making something of a recovery on Friday. Equities fell back quite heavily too and bitcoin was down - all in a continuing reaction to Jay Powell's Jackson Hole presentation. he U.S. economy looks to be heading for recession which the Fed may well be using as another weapon in its efforts to bring inflation under control,

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Dollar strength vis-a-vis gold not replicated in other key currencies

01 September 2022While the gold price has slipped in U.S. dollar terms over the past month, it has not done so in many other currencies which have also fallen in terms of their dollar parities.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Gold far better performer ytd than equities or bitcoin

29 August 2022The gold price may have looked weak in recent weeks, but in comparison with equities and bitcoin it has been doing extremely well. We compare gold's performance year to date with these other two asset classes which both look vulnerable to further sharp falls as we seem to be heading for a global recession.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: A week dominated by Powell’s Jackson Hole speech - UPDATED

27 August 2022A flurry of activity towards the end of the week with some key data releases and, most importantly Fed chair Jerome Powell's Jackson Hole speech, saw some dramatic market falls, particularly for equities and bitcoin. Precious metals fell back too, but not to nearly the same extent.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Gold on the rise as Fedwatch tool moves in favour of 75 bps increase

25 August 2022Gold is mostly moving positively so far today as markets are moving towards assuming a more aggressive approach by the Fed on interest rates at September's FOMC meeting. Fedwatch tool odds are currently moving in favour of a 75 basis point increase.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Fickle Fedwatch tool your best guide to global market sentiment

24 August 2022The CME's daily updated Fedwatch Tool is a great guide to U.S. market sentiment and its daily volatility. The Tool predicts the market's view on the likely size of the Fed's rate increase imposition at the next FOMC meeting, which in turn is a great window on the perceived view of the state of the U.S. economy, but it, like the markets themselves, can be extremely volatile day-to-day.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: China back on top for Swiss gold exports

23 August 2022July's Swiss gold export figures were much higher than for the previous three months and show that China returned, after a gap of several months, to being the top recipient that month, replacing India which dropped to fourth.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Russia still coy on its gold reserve position

22 August 2022Another month has passed without Russia making any announcement on any changes to its gold reserve position. The conclusion is that this information is being suppressed because of the ongoing war in Ukraine and that Russia may well be using its gold to help finance this.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Gold dives again on dollar strength and fears of Fed aggression

21 August 2022The gold price dipped sharply this past week after making good gains in the week previous. A strong dollar and fears of an aggressive Fed contributed. This coming week will see this year's Jackson Hole Economic Symposium take place, which could generate some price movements as could some other data.

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