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01 June 2022

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Another volatile month for gold, equities and bitcoin

May proved to be a particularly volatile month for most asset classes and we anticipate similar levels of market activity in the month ahead.

30 May 2022

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Rule on gold price manipulation, inflation, Fed policy, Russian stocks and more

In an interview in Vancouver with Kitco's Michelle Makori, Rick Rule set out some of his views on gold price manipulation/suppression, inflation, US Fed policy, uranium and much more.

22 May 2022

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Russia still quiet on gold reserve increases – if any.

Russia continues to be totally reticent on whether or not it has been adding to its gold reserves despite intimating that it might resume such additions from April after a 2-year gap. We assume its reluctance to come up with new figures is war-related. Meanwhile there are rumours that Russia and China are considering launching a new gold and commodity backed reserve currency to challenge the U.S. dollar.

18 May 2022

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Equities, bitcoin have had their fun.  Day of reckoning nears.

After a couple of days of unaccountable gains given the dire global economic situation, equities were falling back sharply in today's trading in Europe and North America and gold seemed to be catching a bid. We anticipate this trend continuing as inflation continues to devastate the global economy,

11 May 2022

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: China’s April gold demand confirms sharp economic downturn

China's April SGE gold withdrawal figures confirm a downturn in Chinese gold demand which, if taken with some similat trends elsewhere due to a resurgence in coronavirus infections could mean storm clouds ahead for gold.

22 April 2022

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Russia still mute on gold reserve increases

As anticipated Russia has not announced any details of changes in its gold reserves despite having announced that its central bank will be adding to them again, It is undoubtedly using gold to help finance its war efforts in ukraine where its military equipment losses appear to have been very substantial/

11 April 2022

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Chinese gold buying slips sharply in March

The March SGE gold withdrawal figures have come in sharply lower year on year which could indicate an overall gold demand reduction, or perhaps a temporary blip due to the Shanghai coronavirus outbreak and the attempts to bring it under control, We also speculate that any shortfall could be filled by imports of Russian gold as China is not a participant in the sanctions which may prevent Russian gold miners selling their product on the open market.

08 April 2022

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Ukraine war second phase and impact on gold

Russia appears to have totally withdrawn its forces back to Belarus from the north of Ukriane which had threatened Kyiv and Chernihiv. The withdrawal is almost certianly a sign of a lack of success in this part of the offensive, but will enable Russia to concentrate on the east and south where it can directly resupply its forces directly from Russia. However evidence of atrocities committed by Russian troops in occupied areas is likely to harden Western sanctions imposition, the inflationary impact of which would be positive for the gold price.

04 April 2022

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Another weekend and no seeming end to the Ukraine war.

Putin's Russia seems to have lost the high ground in the media war as the ground war continues. The twi effects of the Ukraine war and the gradual exit from coronavirus controls is boosting inflation hugely and we suspect that will put gold on an ongoing upwards path throughout the remainder of the year,

01 April 2022

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Russia, Ukraine, Inflation and Gold

Some further thoughts on the Russia/Ukraine war and its direct and indirect impacts on inflation and the gold price.