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LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Russia still quiet on gold reserve increases – if any.

22 May 2022Russia continues to be totally reticent on whether or not it has been adding to its gold reserves despite intimating that it might resume such additions from April after a 2-year gap. We assume its reluctance to come up with new figures is war-related. Meanwhile there are rumours that Russia and China are considering launching a new gold and commodity backed reserve currency to challenge the U.S. dollar.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Metals Focus predicts pgm average price weakness ahead.

18 May 2022Metals Focus has released its new Platinum Group Metals Focus report for 2022 and predicts lower average prices for all three of platinum, palladium and rhodium than in 2021. We think that even this is a slightly optimistic forecast although there are many uncertainties ahead.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Equities, bitcoin have had their fun.  Day of reckoning nears.

18 May 2022After a couple of days of unaccountable gains given the dire global economic situation, equities were falling back sharply in today's trading in Europe and North America and gold seemed to be catching a bid. We anticipate this trend continuing as inflation continues to devastate the global economy,

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: China’s April gold demand confirms sharp economic downturn

11 May 2022China's April SGE gold withdrawal figures confirm a downturn in Chinese gold demand which, if taken with some similat trends elsewhere due to a resurgence in coronavirus infections could mean storm clouds ahead for gold.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Gold price undecided as equities crash may have started

06 May 2022As predicted, U.S. equities and bitcoin fell back sharply yesterday after the previous day's unwarranted post-FOMC gains. Gold remains searching for direction. Could the oft-predicted equities crash already have started in the light of ever-continuing inflationary pressures?

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Less downbeat FOMC boosts gold and equities but latter could be false dawn

05 May 2022A slightly less hawkish than expected outcome from this week's FOMC meeting boosted gold and equities - the latter recovering most of their recent losses. But beware a false dawn, In our opinion the continuing rise in inflation and further Fed moves to control it will see a sharp equities downturn ahead.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Tough times for precious metals and equities

03 May 2022The new FOMC meeting starting today which is expected to see the implementation of a more aggressive approach by the U.S. Fed to try to curb inflation has been having an adverse effect on precious metals and equity prices. Uncertainty will likely continue to reign for the foreseeable futire.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Volatile month sees enormous swings in gold, silver and equities

01 May 2022The twin effects of already rapidly rising inflation as the world begins to recover from he Covid-19 pandemic, coupled with the continuing Russian invasion of Ukraine and the economic sanctions imposed, has meant April was a very volatile month for equities, bitcoin and commodities with most falling sharply, The big price beneficiaries were oil and gas.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Silver disappoints – again

27 April 2022As seems to have happened too often in the past, prospective silver price growth has not lived up to expectations and the Gold:Silver Ratio has been rising to above 80 again (High is bad for silver vis-a-vis gold). We take a look at silver's future prospects.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: All fall down – except the dollar.

25 April 2022Gold, silver, equities and bitcoin all turned down in price sharply late last week in the U.S. with the falls continuing across the biard so far today in Asia and Europe.. Markets are becoming increasingly worried that the Fed may 'overtighten' to try to bring inflationn down and thereby trigger a recessio in the U.S, which could spread worldwide.

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