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20 July 2022

LAWRIE WILLIAMS:  Gold and silver still under pressure as equities and bitcoin make gains

Equities and bitcoin have been making gains on the latest market data while precious metals have mostly remained in the doldrums. The silly season seems to be with us and we may have to wait until after the U.S. Labor Day for markets to find their true direction.

08 July 2022

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: China gold demand still picking up in June – but slowly

Latest gold withdrawal figures from the Shanghai Gold Exchange for June show that the month's total has exceeded that of a year earlier suggesting China's gold demand is beginning to pick up, but cumulatively still remains well behind that of H1 2021.

04 July 2022

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Swiss gold figures – China down, India up and Russian anomaly

The latest announcement of Swiss gold import and export figures has highlighted some significant changes in global gold movements in May. India moved into the top spot as the leading recipient of Swiss re-refined gold that month and China dropped back, while the figures also showed the anomalous receipt of 3.2 tonnes of apparently Russian sourced bullion.

29 June 2022

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: No respite for investors as gold, equities and bitcoin all fall

Yesterday was a down day for investors in almost all asset classes as markets turned down on looming across-the-board fears of a global recession took hold. The Russia/Ukraine War has been a major game changer and many of the cards seem to be in Russia's hands economically speaking.

28 June 2022

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Will Russian gold import ban have any effect?

The announcement that the G7 nations will be banning imports of Russian-produced gold may have little effect given that many of the world's largest gold consumers are not members of this body - particularly the world's two largest gold consumers, China and India

25 June 2022

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Volatility continues in gold and equities post big rate hike

Equities and bitcoin have seen signs of recovery in the past week and gold has generally looked a little weaker. We feel that inflation is going to remain high for the foreseeable future, whatever the U.S. Fed does to try and control it and indeed may even add fuel to the flames in Q4 in an attempt to keep the U.S. economy out of all-scale recession.

21 June 2022

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: World Top 20 Gold Mining Companies – some major changes and better dividend potential

A listing of the world's top gold producing companies in 2021 shows some significant changes from a year earlier, partly due to Covid and partly due to mergers. acquisitions and divestments, which have continued into the current year. Higher gold prices have been making this a more profitable investment sector and dividends have been rising accordingly,

10 June 2022

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: World Top 20 Gold Producing Countries 2021 and Gold Outlook

Specialist precious metals consultancy, Metals Focus, has produced its 100 page plus 2022 Gold Focus report covering all aspects of gold supply and demand worldwide. Here we focus on the world's top gold producing nations, plus comments on the consultancy's outlook for the yellow metal over the remainder of the year

08 June 2022

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: China’s Gold Demand Picking Up but Still Well Down On 2021

The latest Shanghai Gold Exchange gold withdrawal figures for May have been released and have closed the gap on those of a year ago but the year to date volume is still well below that of 2021. The better May figure implies that China may be beginning to exit from its self-imposed restrictions imposed to control the recent Covid pandemic outbreaks in some major cities and industrial areas.

03 June 2022

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: China back as No. 1 importer of Swiss gold but at low level.

April Swiss gold exports and imports have China again as the leading recipient of Swiss re-refined gold, but at a rather lower level than in the past, Indian imports also still remain subdued