Lawrence Williams

Lawrence (Lawrie) Williams is a well known London-based writer and commentator on financial and political subjects, but specialising in precious metals news and commentary. He is a qualified and experienced mining engineer having graduated in mining engineering from The Royal School of Mines, a constituent college of Imperial College, London - recently described as the World’s No. 2 University (after MIT).

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LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Australia continues to increase annual gold output in 2020

01 Mar 2021 - Australia retained kits position as either the second or third largest global gold producer, depending on whose figures one takes, with a small gold output increase to 327 tonnes according to Melbourne-based consultancy Surbiton Assocaates

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Carnage in the markets – precious metals and equities crashing

28 Feb 2021 - Friday saw across-the-board falls in most precious metals and equities globally, and in the U,S,. Some positive news over the weekend might generate corrections, but markets likely to remain volatile.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Russian central bank ‘sells’ tiny amount of gold in January - corrected

25 Feb 2021 - Russia reported arelatively insignificant reduction in its gold reserves in January, but one suspects that this may have been an accounting adjustment rather than an indication of a change in policy.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: : January Swiss gold imports/exports confirm the normalisation trend

24 Feb 2021 - The latest gold import and export data from the Swiss Customs Administration show that the nation's gold trade appears to be getting back to normal after over a year of statistical anomalies

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Gold breaks back up through $1,800 – but for how long?

22 Feb 2021 - Gold and silver both started the current week positively, with gold breaking back up above $1,800. but will the upwards move be maintained?

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Were the pundits wrong? Precious metals out of favour

19 Feb 2021 - Gold seems to have been having a particularly tough time price-wise of late, but is this price fall overdone in the light of the overall effects of the virus pandemic on the global economy?

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Could virus recovery trigger a gold, equities and bitcoin meltdown?

15 Feb 2021 - Gold has been underperforming while platinum and silver have been doing rather better, Equities and bitcoin look to be in a bubble which could be pricked if normality returns, but precious metals could also be brought down in a market meltdown

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Gold, Silver and Platinum all on the up

10 Feb 2021 - The past week has so far seen a reasonable recovery in the prices of the precious metals, with the exception, perhaps, of palladium. Platinum has been doing particularly well after underperforming over the past few years.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Global gold demand picking up nicely

08 Feb 2021 - Latest figures on gold withdrawals for January from China's Shanghai Gold Exchange suggest the nation;s gold demand could be substantially higher this year than last, while Indian demand is pr3edicted to be higher this year too.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Latest Swiss gold exports confirm Indian demand picking up

04 Feb 2021 - December data for Swiss gold imports and exports suggest a change back towards norma;lity, with India thhe biggest recipient.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Silver – the ‘devil’s metal’ - confounds again

03 Feb 2021 - The predicted run on the silver short sellers followong the GameStop equities shorts, petered out before it got going confirming the white metal's reputation 0of being a dangerous investment because of its volatility

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Silver and gold capped ahead of the weekend but both now soaring.

01 Feb 2021 - Last week's U.S. stock market mayhem seems to have transferred to the precious metals markets and to silver in particular where the big short position makes it particularly vulnerable to GameStop-type activity

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Positive trend emerging for gold

01 Feb 2021 - Although the latest Gold Demand Trends quarterly report from the World Gold Council shows a significant gold demand downturn in 2020, there are signs that things could be picking up again in the current year.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Could Social Media Drive Silver to New Heights à la GameStop

29 Jan 2021 - The recent shenanigans in U.S. equities markets as short sellers appear to have been targeted by a new breed of stay-at-home investors and day traders could be transferred to precious metals and particularly to silver.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: The new Biden era – what does it mean for gold?

23 Jan 2021 - We take a look at some of the challenges facing President Biden and his new administration on both the domestic and foreign fronts and what this will likely mean for gold and silver prices.