Lawrence Williams

Lawrence (Lawrie) Williams is a well known London-based writer and commentator on financial and political subjects, but specialising in precious metals news and commentary. He is a qualified and experienced mining engineer having graduated in mining engineering from The Royal School of Mines, a constituent college of Imperial College, London - recently described as the World’s No. 2 University (after MIT).


LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Russia upping gold purchases again

20 Jul 2019 - After two months of low gold reserve additions, Russia added 18.66 tonnes of gold to its reserves in June, three times its May addition.

LAWRIEWILLIAMS: Silver picking up steam as gold bursts upwards

18 Jul 2019 - Silver had been the poorest performer among the precious metals, but this week, as gold has also seen something of a renewed surge, silver has been picking up nicely with the GSR coming down a few points at long last

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: $1,400 a nonsensical gold price!

15 Jul 2019 - There is a whole lot going for gold at the moment which makes the $1.400 level look nonsensically low!

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Gold bounces back but silver still disappoints - for now

13 Jul 2019 - Comments from Fed chairman Jerome Powell confirming the likelihood of a rate cut at this month's FOMC meeting have given the gold price a bit of a boost, but silver continues to disappoint, But for how long?

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: China continues to add to its gold reserves – but at lower rate m/m

09 Jul 2019 - The Chinese Central Bank has announced it added 10.26 tonnes of gold to its forex reserves in June - a lower level than the prior two months' additions. Total global Central Bank accumulations are already up 73% this year according to the WGC.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: World Top 20 Silver producers and metal’s price prospects

09 Jul 2019 - Even though it saw a 3% production decline for silver last year,but still reckons on a supply surplus, UK precious metals consultancy is marginally bullish on the metals price prospects in H2. Top 20 silver producers tabulated.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: 2019 H1 China gold demand lowest for five years

08 Jul 2019 - June gold withdrawal figures out of the SGE show that the downturn in Chinese gold demand is still slipping compared with the previous 2 years - and hugely below that seen in the record 2015 year

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Gold price faces some headwinds but prospects remains bullish

07 Jul 2019 - Gold and silver prices were brought back sharply following the Independence Day holiday in the U.S. closing the week below $1,400 and $15 respectively, but we anticipate the latest setbacks to be shortlived.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Gold catches another wave ahead of U.S. holiday

04 Jul 2019 - The gold price moved sharply upwards over $1.400 on Tuesday and remains above that level for the Independence Day holiday. Will prices move on further once th holiday is over next week? Silver, though, remains muted

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Silver should be good to go

03 Jul 2019 - Silver has been the weak link in the precious metals chain, but is should start to play catch-up alongside a booming gold price'

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Gold: What a difference a month makes

01 Jul 2019 - June saw the gold price increase by around $100, and more at one time, before falling $30-40 back after various accords at the G20 meeting. What will happen now?

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Swiss gold exports – India surges back on top in May

25 Jun 2019 - The latest Swiss gold export figures for May see India regaining its place as comfortably the leading recipient and over 80% of Swiss gold exports still heading for Asian and Middle Eastern markets

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: GLD adds massive 35 tonnes of gold Friday

24 Jun 2019 - As an indicator of a massive change in investor sentiment towards gold, Fridays 35 tonne increase in the GLD holding stands out, while silver's continuing underperformance could make it a bargain buy

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Gold tops $1,400, falls back but recovering

21 Jun 2019 - The gold price shot past $1,400 in overnight trade before falling back nearly $20 this morning. but in European trade gradually made up much of its lost ground again. Can it close the week above $1,400?

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Russian gold purchases slowing? - 6.22 tonnes in May

21 Jun 2019 - In May the Russian Central Bank reports adding 200,000 ounces (6.22 tonnes) of gold to its reserves - well below the levels reported for the three months previous, but whether tis represents a slowing down of gold accumulations is too early to tell.