Lawrence Williams

Lawrence (Lawrie) Williams is a well known London-based writer and commentator on financial and political subjects, but specialising in precious metals news and commentary. He is a qualified and experienced mining engineer having graduated in mining engineering from The Royal School of Mines, a constituent college of Imperial College, London - recently described as the World’s No. 2 University (after MIT).


LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Gold steadies as equities, bitcoin stutter amid trade talks impasse

21 Nov 2019 - The gold price suffered last week on talk of perhaps a more full-on trade deal between the U.S. and China

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Russian central bank now holds over 2.250 tonnes of gold

21 Nov 2019 - The Russian central bank has announced it added 9.33 tonnes of gold to reserves in October bringing its total holding to just over 2,251 tonnes

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Central banks only hold gold for traditional reasons. BS?

11 Nov 2019 - Despite long-held claims from central banks that they only hold gold reserves for traditional reasons, they are collectively increasing their holdings which draws this claim into question.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: China‘s 2019 gold demand headed for 20% drop

11 Nov 2019 - Latest gold withdrawal data from the SGE for October are well down on previous years and suggest Chinese gold demand in 2019 could be down around 20% year on year. However gold ETF and Central Bank demand is compensating for the Chinese drop.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Chinese central bank stops buying gold – or does it?

08 Nov 2019 - Latest figures from the People's Bank of China suggest that there was no increase in the nation's gold reserves in October after ten successive months of reported rises. However some observers feel Chinese gold reserves are hugely understated.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Gold: ETF inflows and central bank purchases offset weakness elsewhere

07 Nov 2019 - The latest Gold Demand Trends report from the WGC emphasises that continuing high gold ETF inflows and central bank buying are more than offsetting some weak data in more traditional gold demand markets

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Gold: Same old, same old! Uncertainty rules.

02 Nov 2019 - Gold in the past week has seen yet another wash, rinse, repeat cycle but has ended the week comfortably above the key $1,500 level despite what might have been seen as strong headwinds in the past,

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: China gold imports still low but counterbalanced

01 Nov 2019 - Latest figures for Chinese gold imports for September show another poor month - below those for August, but the likely Chinese shortfall is being counterbalanced by increases in the holdings of gold ETFs and a continued high level of central bank gold...

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Swiss gold exports: Big distribution direction change

27 Oct 2019 - Latest Swiss gold import and export figures confirm huge change in trend away from Asia, but fall-off in Asian demand counterbalanced by big pickup in gold ETF holdings. Cautiously optimistic on gold price

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Gold recovers yet again. Will it stay up?

25 Oct 2019 - Despite continuous headwinds the gold price keeps bouncing back and this morning moved comfortably back above the $1,500 mark yet again. With the U.S. Fed likely to cut interest rates by another 25 basis points next week, this time it might stay there.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: The Bristow factor helps end Barrick’s Tanzania gold dispute

21 Oct 2019 - Barrick Gold has announced a settlement in its long running dispute with the Tanzanian Government, no doubt helped by changes in the Barrick management structure and the Acacia minority shareholder buyout.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Russia adds even more gold to its reserves

20 Oct 2019 - A new announcement from the Russian central bank noted another 400,000 troy ounce (12.44 tonne) rise in its gold reserves in September putting it on track to add a further 180-200 tonnes of gold to reserves in 2019

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Gold smacked down again - but remains resilient

17 Oct 2019 - Gold seems to stutter each time the price looks to exceed $1,500, and seems to remain dependent on U.S. data and trade talk sentiment' But we still see it as continuing to have great wealth protection potential.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Gold, silver and pgm one year price forecasts

17 Oct 2019 - Delegates To the LBMA/LPPM Shenzhen conference have forecast their precious metals prices for a year ahead, and we have added our own forecasts to the mix.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: China gold demand still weak but offset by other factors

12 Oct 2019 - Although latest Chinese SGE gold withdrawal figure is higher than a month earlier the total is well down y-o-y,, but any Chinese demand shortfall is being more than offset by ETF and central bank additions.