Lawrence Williams

Lawrence (Lawrie) Williams is a well known London-based writer and commentator on financial and political subjects, but specialising in precious metals news and commentary. He is a qualified and experienced mining engineer having graduated in mining engineering from The Royal School of Mines, a constituent college of Imperial College, London - recently described as the World’s No. 2 University (after MIT).


LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Gold down as equities correct upwards - but for how long?

22 Jan 2019 - Equities have picked up in the past couple of weeks after heavy falls in Q4 2018 and gold has weakened, but this pattern may not persist. Many analysts are predicting $1,400 plus this year and there's even a $10,,000 forecast out there.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Russia’s gold accumulation dips in December but still a full year record

19 Jan 2019 - While the December figure for additions to the Russian central bank's gold reserves was, at 9.33 tonnes, one of the lowest monthly figures this year no too much should be read into this as was the same amount as added in December a year ago.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Gold consolidates poised to attack $1,300 again

17 Jan 2019 - The gold price seems ever firmer hitting the $1,290 to $1,300 range on a daily basis. We see it as only a matter of time before the latter level is breached and the gold price marches on to higher levels.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Gold mining industry’s biggest merger yet

15 Jan 2019 - In what would be the gold mining sector's biggest ever merger, current World No. 2 gold miner, Newmont,plans to acquire world No. 4, Goldcorp in an agreed US$ 10 billion merger during the current year..

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Chinese gold demand falters but still up y-o-y - just

13 Jan 2019 - While December 2018 SGE gold withdrawals were marginally down on the 2017 figure for the same month, full year figures were slightly up on those for the ;prior two years

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: China’s Cynical Gold Reserve Increase?

10 Jan 2019 - China has for the first time in 26 months announced an increase in its gold reserves but could this just be a cynical attempt to try and confirm that the zero monthly increases it has been reporting are accurate.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: November Swiss Gold Exports 56% Greater Than Imports. Hong Kong Leads.

06 Jan 2019 - Hong Kong and India were the two leading importers of Swiss gold in November as the country's gold exports exceeded imports by 46 tonnes.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Precious metals price predictions 2019

02 Jan 2019 - Last year my precious metals price predictions for the year proved to be on the inaccurate side but herewith my predictions for 2019 - all positive. In fact although god came down in price in 2018 it ended up outperforming equities which suffered...

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Gold and silver firm in face of abnormal equity volatility

28 Dec 2018 - Gold and silver prices have turned positive despite some enormous swings in U.S. equities which are perhaps too great to be fully believable as being due to normal trading activity.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Gold a better 2018 investment than equities - almost everywhere!

23 Dec 2018 - The better gold price, coupled with the big downturn in general equities, has meant that over the year to date gold has outperformed stocks quite significantly even in the USA - and even more so in most other countries..

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Russia keeps up the gold pressure

21 Dec 2018 - Russia has continued to increase its gold reserves substantially with a 37.3 tonne rise in November making a rise of over 260 tonnes already this year

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Gold up, up and away? Perhaps not quite yet

20 Dec 2018 - Gold has had a seesaw couple of days around the latest FOMC pronouncements, while equities have dived yet again.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: $1250 gold - thou shalt not pass

19 Dec 2018 - Every time the gold price breaches $1,250, albeit marginally, it has been smartly brought down again. But this pattern may not survive the outcome of today's FOMC decision and accompanying statement.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Nervous equities should give gold price momentum

11 Dec 2018 - The arrest and potential extradition to the U.S. of Huawei's CFO has added another dimension to already uncertain markets and could well trigger increased momentum in the gold price driving it onwards and upwards.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: The State of the Gold Market and where it may be headed

09 Dec 2018 - Gold and equities both had an interesting week with former rising and the latter diving, giving rise to much speculation on the future of the gold price. We look at some of the factors involved and assess where gold may go from here.