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Lawrence Williams

Lawrence (Lawrie) Williams is a well known London-based writer and commentator on financial and political subjects, but specialising in precious metals news and commentary. He is a qualified and experienced mining engineer having graduated in mining engineering from The Royal School of Mines, a constituent college of Imperial College, London – recently described as the World’s No. 2 University (after MIT).


LAWRIE WILLIAMS: World No. 2 producer Q1 gold exports to China huge new record

20 Jul 2017 - Australia's Q1 gold exports to Greater China (mainland plus Hong Kong) at a huge new record figure.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Gold and silver free-for-all

17 Jul 2017 - Information on how to download some hugely comprehensive, and reasonably unbiased, free-to-access data on precious metals supply and demand which every investor should access.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Indian gold imports; High but ignore the hype!

13 Jul 2017 - Indian gold imports this year have already surpassed the full year 2016 level, but its probably best to ignore some of the year on year growth media hype given how low the figures were for H1 2016.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Implications for silver of Tahoe’s Escobal shutdown

12 Jul 2017 - Any impact on the supposedly temporary enforced closure of Tahoe Resources' Escobal mine, the world's second largest primary silver mine by Guatemala's supreme court may only have a very limited impact on global silver fundamentals and the metal price.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Palladium closing gap on platinum – but neither great long term

11 Jul 2017 - In the past year the palladium price has moved up and platinum down and there is a real prospect of the former overtaking the latter in the near future.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: So what’s happening to gold – and silver?

10 Jul 2017 - Gold, which had been showing signs of strength saw some huge trading volumes late last week which prompted a price slump, while silver fared even worse with the GSR rising to almost 80.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Gold overall H1 performance matches dollar index decline

04 Jul 2017 - H1 commodity price changes very positive for palladium while gold rise pretty well matches fall in dollar index. Silver disappoints. Iron ore worst performer.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Chinese gold demand up a little y-o-y but still well down on 2015

04 Jul 2017 - After a blip in May, Chinese gold demand as represented by Shanghai Gold Exchange withdrawals is now a little higher than at the same time a year ago, but well down on the record 2015 figure.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Another flash crash in gold - engineered or fat finger? Quick recovery

27 Jun 2017 - Monday's flash crash when 56 tonnes of gold were offloaded on the markets in one minutre as London opened was dismissed by much of the mainstream as a 'fat finger' trade, but these offloads seem to happen too often to be coincidental.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Swiss Gold exports rise with India still No.1 by huge margin

24 Jun 2017 - The official figures for Swiss gold imports and exports for May are in and India again is by far the largest destination for Swiss re-refined gold - for the fifth successive month.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Gold mine output turning down this year. Is Peak Gold with us?

22 Jun 2017 - Latest analysis from Metals Focus sees global gold production turning down marginally this year after rising year-on-year for almost a decade.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Russia adds another 21.8 tonnes to gold reserves in May

20 Jun 2017 - Russia added nother 21.8 tonnes of gold to its reserves in June after only a 6.2 tonne increase a month earlier

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Fed rose tinted view knocks gold back a few notches

16 Jun 2017 - Analysis of the statement at the end of this week's FOMC meeting has seen the gold price marked down, but burgeoning gold demand in Asia keeps the yellow metal's long term future positive.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: China’s ‘official’ gold reserves unchanged for 7th straight month

08 Jun 2017 - The Peoples Bank of China has reported yet another month of unchanged gold reserves. Is this realistic or has the country just reverted to only announcing its gold reserve increases as and when it seems opportune?

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Chinese gold demand falling, not rising

07 Jun 2017 - Latest SGE withdrawal figures for May now put the cumulative year-to-date total marginally below that of a year ago and well below the record 2015 level,

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