Lawrence Williams

Lawrence (Lawrie) Williams is a well known London-based writer and commentator on financial and political subjects, but specialising in precious metals news and commentary. He is a qualified and experienced mining engineer having graduated in mining engineering from The Royal School of Mines, a constituent college of Imperial College, London - recently described as the World’s No. 2 University (after MIT).

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LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Powell speaks and gold and silver drop

17 Sep 2020 - Jerome Powell's press conference after the latest FOMC meeting was largely as expected, but even so gold and silver prices were marked own sharply despite rising in anticipation beforehand.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Lassonde preaches $15-20,000 gold price

16 Sep 2020 - Pierre Lassonde, co-founder of Franco Nevada and former President of Newmont has again predicted that the gold price will achieve parity with the DJIA index at around the $15,000 or $20,000 level.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: 2021 PDAC goes virtual – gold and silver juniors particularly isappointed

14 Sep 2020 - Canada's PDAC has announced that its 2021 Convention, probably the world's largest annual mining sector event,, will go virtual next year with some adverse ramifications for the PDAC itself and for the global mineral exploration sector too.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: No certain direction for gold, silver or equities post Labor Day – yet!

12 Sep 2020 - Gold, silver and equities were all volatile in the first week of trading after the U.S. Labor Day holiday but we still see the two major precious metals performing better than general equities, which could well fall further after a bit of a negative...

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: First day back - gold flat, silver stutters, equities dive

09 Sep 2020 - The first day of trading after the U.S. Labor Day long weekend saw equities, oil and bitcoin fall sharply while precious metals mostly recovered from weak European market openings, Is this the precursor of a developing pattern?

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Russian gold policy paying off

08 Sep 2020 - Russia's switch from buying most of its gold production for its central bank reserves to persuading its gold miners to sell their production on the international market seems to be paying off with gold now the country's top export.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Is Chinese gold demand just beginning to pick up?

07 Sep 2020 - For the first month this year gold withdrawals as reported by the Shanhai Gold Exchange for August are higher than for the corresponding month a year ago. Could this be the long-awaited sign that Chinese gold demand is beginning to pick up?

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Gold, silver, equities all volatile ahead of Labor Day holiday

04 Sep 2020 - We were hoping today's markets would give us a guide to what mey happen after the U.S. Labor Day holiday. Equities fell sharply, but then recovered. Gold and silver fell initially too but ended the day in positive territory, so no real guide.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Watch gold and buy silver

02 Sep 2020 - While the advance in precious metals may be led by gold, it is silver which seems to offer tyhe best potential for capital growth now the meta;s' adverse price behaviour of the first part of 2020 now seems to be behind us.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Silver gaining faster than gold. Equities should beware Labor Day.

01 Sep 2020 - After a slow start to the year, silver has been advancing far faster than gold, while the parallels with the start of the Great Depression and the Wall Street Crash of 1929./1930 have to be alarming for equity investors and positive for gold and silver.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Gold and Silver up and down on the Powell prognosis

28 Aug 2020 - Jerome Powell's opening address to the virtual Jackson Hole conference initially took gold and silver sharply higher, but they were rapidly brought down and ended the day rather lower. They seem to be making a recovery in Europe today.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Silver’s systemic shakedown

25 Aug 2020 - Since March, when silver perhaps hit its nadir, theprice had risen sharply - that is until the last week or so when it's seemingly unending advance was halted, What are its prospects now?

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: July Swiss Gold exports – still zero to China

25 Aug 2020 - The latest figures for Swiss gold exports and imports for July emphasize the revesal of gold flows in the current year from West to East to the opposite direction. This is supported by a continuing upturn in Western demand due to coronavirus...

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: A topsy-turvy week for gold and silver

23 Aug 2020 - Gold and silver have had a hugely volatie week price-wise but should now be settling down to consolidate at current levels and resume their upwards paths before too long.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Russia still not buying gold but Turkey takes up the slack

22 Aug 2020 - For the fourth successive month Russia - the world's leading gold buyer for the past several years, has reported a zero increase in its gold reserve total, but this apparent shortfall in purchasing has been more than made up for by Turkey.

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