Lawrence Williams

Lawrence (Lawrie) Williams is a well known London-based writer and commentator on financial and political subjects, but specialising in precious metals news and commentary. He is a qualified and experienced mining engineer having graduated in mining engineering from The Royal School of Mines, a constituent college of Imperial College, London - recently described as the World’s No. 2 University (after MIT).


LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Only 20% of latest Swiss gold exports going to Asia

23 Sep 2019 - The proportion of Swiss gold exports to Asia and the Middle East has fallen sharply over the past couple of months and in August Switzerland was a net gold importer from these traditional gold export markets

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Russia continues gold purchases but volume down yoy

22 Sep 2019 - The Russian central bank is continuing its gold purchase programme with an addition of 12.44 tonnes to its reserves in August, but it appears to be building its reserves at a lower annual rate than in the past three years,

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: JP Morgan gold and silver spoofing defined as ‘racketeering’ by U.S. Prosecutors

17 Sep 2019 - Prosecutors have indicted two current JP Morgan employees and one former employee with criminal racketeering charges over 'spoofing' activity in the precious metals futures markets.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Gold see-saw: Up in Europe, down in USA

13 Sep 2019 - Gold is riding something of a see-saw at the moment with positive price movement in European trade being counterbalanced by a pull-back when U.S. markets start to dominate. But overall we see the pattern as positive.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Post Labor Day gold, silver, pgm corrections extended

12 Sep 2019 - Precious metals prices underwent some heavy corrections in the past week but now seem to be picking up again, We feel the overall trend is positive.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: China gold demand way down year to date

10 Sep 2019 - The latest gold withdrawal figures out of the SGE confirm that Chinese gold demand has been slipping this year as the country has curtailed gold imports. The nation is thus heading for a sharp fall in annual gold consumption. in 2019.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: China says it only adds 5.9 tonnes of gold to reserves in August

09 Sep 2019 - The Peoples Bank of China reports adding only 5.91 tonnes of gold to its reserves in August - the lowest monthly addition since it restarted reporting monthly gold reserve increases in December last year

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Gold ETF holdings near record highs. Very positive.

08 Sep 2019 - A WGC analysis of global gold ETFs shows that they are near levels last seen in 2012 when they were at a record. This indicates that the big money is again investing in gold amid nervousness of an equities market meltdown.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Big correction in gold, silver and platinum. Equities recover.

07 Sep 2019 - Precious metals prices suffered a major correction on Thursday and Friday after flying high at the beginning of the trading week. Equities picked up strongly after major falls earlier.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Gold approaches $1,550 again, silver $20, platinum $1,000 –all still moving up!

04 Sep 2019 - From being the forgotten asset segment, precious metals have caught fire in the past month and a half and ,look like they have further to run, while equities are looking vulnerable

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Platinum coming late to the precious metals party

01 Sep 2019 - In the past week the platinum price has started to play catch-up with the other precious metals and rose around 9%. We suspect it will shortly hit $1,000 but still has a long way to go to top the current palladium or gold price.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Gold touches $1550 before being brought down sharply yet again

29 Aug 2019 - Gold reached $1.,550 in early European trading today and Silver $18.70 before a correction - whether natural or manipulated - set in, bringing both precious metals well back from their intra-day highs.. Where do they go next?

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Australian gold output hits new record

26 Aug 2019 - Australia, the world's No.2 gold producer, has recorded another record gold output year achieving an annual production figure of 321 tonnes.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: U.S. Fed ambivalent as Trump calls for 1% cut. Gold and silver consolidating.

22 Aug 2019 - The odds on a 25 basis point cut at the next FOMC meeting are currently put at 98.1%, but will be U.S. economic data dependent. Gold and silver seem to be consolidating at around the $1,500 and $17 levels respectively

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Is Russian Central Bank reducing its gold purchases?

21 Aug 2019 - The latest gold reserve figure from The Russian central bank shows the addition of 9.33 tonnes of gold to the nation's forex reserves in July, back to the lower levels seen earlier in the year. Does this indicate a trend to lower accumulations?