Lawrence Williams

Lawrence (Lawrie) Williams is a well known London-based writer and commentator on financial and political subjects, but specialising in precious metals news and commentary. He is a qualified and experienced mining engineer having graduated in mining engineering from The Royal School of Mines, a constituent college of Imperial College, London - recently described as the World’s No. 2 University (after MIT).

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LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Gold and silver crash further despite falling dollar

01 Dec 2020 - Gold and silver prices fell sharply over the Thanksgiving weekend in the U.S. despite normally associated indicators suggesting they should have risen.. They are seeing a recovery this morning but whether this is sustainable remains to be seen.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Platinum’s time for the spotlight?

01 Dec 2020 - Whilst gold and silver prices have been falling, platinum in particular has been bucking the trend and rising as WPIC research suggests that there is currently a major supply deficit

LAWRIE WILLIAMS:: Has gold price meltdown been too far, too fast?

25 Nov 2020 - Gold suffered a major take-down this week, but was the decline too far and too fast given the current political and economic situation in the U.S.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Russia still not buying gold – is global demand slipping?

23 Nov 2020 - For the seventh successive month Russia previously the biggest central bank gold buyer, has added zero gold to its reserves. Is this one of several signs that gold demand is lipping and, if so, what are the likely longer term effects?

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Gold, politics and the pandemic – dangerous times ahead

22 Nov 2020 - With the U.S presidential election still technically unresolved gold could advance whichever way it goes - or could even get boosted further by another 'black swan' event.. But there are potential downsides too.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Gold – predicting the future with a ‘Thunder Road’ analysis

20 Nov 2020 - Paul Mylchreest's Thunder Road report used to be required reading for gold analysis but sine 2013 Paul has been a mainstream analyst and his prescient newsletter is no longer published - but his views are always still worth following.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Is global gold demand beginning to slip?

19 Nov 2020 - There are signs that global gold demand may be falling, at least temporarily, but we do not expect any associated price falls to continue into 2021

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Gold: as US Political impasse goes on and on and on

18 Nov 2020 - The U.S. Presidential election impasse continue with President Trump unwilling to concede and putative President-elect Joe Biden continuing to select his team should he be confirmed. Gold is having an uneasy ride!

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Gold in a brave new world

15 Nov 2020 - The U.S. election debacle appears to be drawing to a conclusion with Joe Biden likely to be sworn in in January. This may usher in , or at least enhance, policies which may be long term positive for most precious metals.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Gold: One step forward, three steps back but recovering again

10 Nov 2020 - Gold price advances as it appeared as if Joe Biden had won the U.S. Presidential election have been completely reversed by the announcement of the development of a coronavirus vaccine that appears to be 90% effective

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: China October gold demand marginally up yoy

10 Nov 2020 - China's Shanghai Gold Exchange gold withdrawals in October, which we equate to the country's overall gold demand, were marginally up year on year, but are still well below monthly levels achieved during the last decade

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Gold price swings dramatically on U.S. election fortunes ebb and flow

05 Nov 2020 - The gold price fell sharply when it initially appeared from early Presidential election returns that President Trump might hang on to his position, but then rose again as Joe Biden appeared to be in the ascendant as postal votes were counted.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS:: Recommended precious metals advisory services

03 Nov 2020 - Some recommendations for precious metals advisory services which I always find hugely valuable for following the ups and downs in the precious metals complex on which my own analysis is based.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Who will win the U.S. Presidency and what will it mean for gold?

02 Nov 2020 - Tomorrow's U.S. Presidential election hangs in the balance. Any definitive result could be gold positive, as could a disputed one which seems to be a distinct possibility.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Gold and markets selling off – is a Trump victory ahead?

30 Oct 2020 - Recent activity in the markets suggests the result of the U.S. Presidential election may not be a foregone conclusion. We take a look at the likely direction of equity and precious metals markets in the case of either a Biden or Trump victory