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Lawrence Williams

Lawrence (Lawrie) Williams is a well known London-based writer and commentator on financial and political subjects, but specialising in precious metals news and commentary. He is a qualified and experienced mining engineer having graduated in mining engineering from The Royal School of Mines, a constituent college of Imperial College, London – recently described as the World’s No. 2 University (after MIT).


LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Is platinum in surplus or deficit? Reports contradict.

16 May 2016 - GFMS and the WPIC give different answers to the above question as far as 2015 supply/demand figures are concerned, although both suggest deficits lie ahead.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: ETF gold purchases trump Q1 Asian demand downturn

12 May 2016 - Investment demand, led by big purchases into the gold ETFs, has been the big game-changer for gold in Q1 2016, and this is continuing into Q2, albeit perhaps at a slower pace.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Gold and silver rebound as take-down lacks legs

11 May 2016 - Led by the SGE gold fixes earlier todya, gold and silver prices have staged something of a recovery after being taken down on the COMEX gold futures markets the past couple of days.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: China’s gold demand off by 19% y-o-y but gold ETF holdings up sharply

08 May 2016 - China's SGE gold withdrawal figures for April are weaker than last year but remain on target for an annual 2,000 tonnes plus. Gold ETF purchases strong though.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Top World Silver Producers – Countries, Companies and Mines

06 May 2016 - The latest GFMS silver survey sees the silver supply/demand balance in deficit for the third successive year and details the world's top silver producing nations, companies and mines

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Gold price reluctance to fall could bode well in this year of mega black swans

06 May 2016 - So far this year gold has been on an upwards path and is showing a marked reluctance to fall back. with so much geo-political uncertainty ahead, this could bode very well for its future price path.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Gold consolidating, silver slips but now could be make-or-break time

04 May 2016 - At end 2015 analysts predicted general equities would continue to rise, the Fed would raise rates three to four times in 2016, US$ would strengthen, resource commodities and precious metals would fall. Every single one of these assumptions has been...

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Dollar down, equities down, gold up, silver up more

29 Apr 2016 - Overnight trading saw gold and silver strengthen sharply as equities and the dollar fell back.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Dollar down, equities down, gold up, silver up more

29 Apr 2016 - Overnight trading saw gold and silver strengthen sharply as equities and the dollar fell back.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: SGE benchmark takes gold price higher overnight

28 Apr 2016 - Gold rose sharply above the $1250 level overnight as BoJ kept its policy intact, the dollar fell and SGE benchmark rose in conjunction.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Investec sees gold as best performing metal in 2016

27 Apr 2016 - Investec's global head of natural resources sees gold as being the best performing metal or mineral for 2016

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: SGE gold fixes toeing the line

22 Apr 2016 - The Shanghai Gold Exchange's new benchmark setting prices remain very much in line with Western spot prices - at least for now.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Gold to $10,000 – VON GREYERZ. Be afraid.

20 Apr 2016 - Egon von Greyerz speaking at the European Gold Forum presented a very scary scenario with gold perhaps reaching US$10,000, but this presupposes global currency collapse.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Murenbeeld cautiously positive on gold for the year ahead

19 Apr 2016 - In his opening presentation to the European Gold Forum in Zurich, renowned analyst Dr Martin Murenbeeld presented his latest detailed analysis of the gold market and its prospects for the year ahead.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS:Positive on gold, mining and global economy at 121. MEYER

14 Apr 2016 - A more positive view on the performance of global markets from SP Angel's John Meyer in a prestation at today's 121 Mining Investment Conference in London.

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