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Lawrence Williams

Lawrence (Lawrie) Williams is a well known London-based writer and commentator on financial and political subjects, but specialising in precious metals news and commentary. He is a qualified and experienced mining engineer having graduated in mining engineering from The Royal School of Mines, a constituent college of Imperial College, London – recently described as the World’s No. 2 University (after MIT).


METALS FOCUS: Indian gold initiatives to have little effect on imports

11 Nov 2015 - London precious metals consultancy sees only a limited initial take-up of the government's gold monetization schemes designed to reduce gold imports

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Central Bank Gold Purchases. Where we are and will they continue?

08 Nov 2015 - Central Bank gold purchases have been a significant element in global gold demand for the past three years. How large are they and will they continue?

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: August UK gold exports direct to mainland China dwarf Hong Kong

05 Nov 2015 - UK's August gold exports show far more exported direct to mainland China than to Hong Kong

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: World Gold Reserve Changes Year To Date

04 Nov 2015 - The World Gold Council has published year to end September figures for global national gold reserves and highlighting the changes in reserve figures.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Excessive negativity about China is not supported by fact

02 Nov 2015 - Much of the media analysis on the Chinese slowdown ignores the facts behind key government policy in transforming the nation into an even more dominant force in the future.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Huge YTD 2015 Chinese SGE gold demand will pass full year record in 2 weeks

01 Nov 2015 - Shanghai Gold Exchange withdrawals so far this year have already exceeded last year's full year levels and should surpass the 2013 record in 2 weeks' time

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Indian gold imports 730 t YTD. So is it really top consumer?

30 Oct 2015 - India's gold imports are heading for between 900-1000 tonnes this year but does this put it past china as the world's top gold consumer?

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Gold moving up ahead of FOMC meeting deliberations

28 Oct 2015 - Gold has moved back above $1180 this morning on the feeling that today's FOMC meeting will again turn into a can-kicking session as far as potential interest rate rises are concerned. But beware - the Fed may have painted itself into a corner with a...

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: New Hong Kong gold exports support record high China demand forecast

27 Oct 2015 - Latest figures from Hong Kong of net gold exports to mainland China of a little under 100 tonnes in September support our analysis that China's 2015 gold demand is heading for a comfortable new record.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Another 53.4 t gold withdrawn from SGE. YTD 2061.9 t

23 Oct 2015 - Latest SGE weekly gold withdrawal figure 53.4 tonnes keeping it on track for a full year total of 2,600 tonnes or more.

LBMA:Media coverage of diesel emissions irresponsible and irrelevant

20 Oct 2015 - Some harsh words at the LBMA conference in Vienna for media coverage of diesel engines is both irresposnsible and unwarranted and they will remain an essential part of the automotive mix if greenhouse gas emission targets are to be met.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Bleak 1-year forecasts for gold ($1160) and platinum ($1072) at LBMA conference

20 Oct 2015 - Audience predictions for precious metals prices in a year's time from this year's LBMA conference in Vienna

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Shanghai gold deliveries surpass 2,000 tonnes already this year

19 Oct 2015 - SGE gold withdrawals are already running almost exactly 300 tonnes higher than at the same time in the record 2013 year

LBMA: Little cheer for gold investors from LBMA conference panel

19 Oct 2015 - A panel discussion on gold investment at the LBMA/LPPM conference in Vienna was decidedly downbeat on prospects for the gold price seei ng the continuation of a gold bear market for some years yet.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Best Answer Yet to Great SGE Gold Withdrawals Anomaly?

15 Oct 2015 - The carry trade using gold as collateral to take advantage of low interest rate dollar loans as against high interest rates in China could account for the huge discrepancies in SGE withdrawal figures and analysts' gold consumption estimates.

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