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Lawrence Williams

Lawrence (Lawrie) Williams is a well known London-based writer and commentator on financial and political subjects, but specialising in precious metals news and commentary. He is a qualified and experienced mining engineer having graduated in mining engineering from The Royal School of Mines, a constituent college of Imperial College, London – recently described as the World’s No. 2 University (after MIT).


LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Gold through 200 Day Moving Average - could next stop be $1200

14 Oct 2015 - What appears to be a decisive break through its 200DMA for gold suggests there could be still better things ahead for the gold investor.

Elliott Wave Analysis: No Coincidence Gold Traded into July Low then Begins Uptrend

12 Oct 2015 - Elliott Wave analysis sees gold and the other precious metals as having bottomed and poised for rises to new highs.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Have we hit gold's, silver's and pgms' bottoms yet?

11 Oct 2015 - Gold closed the week at above the $1150 level, dragging the other precious metals up with it. Does this signify the bottom is in?

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Chinese Gold Reserves Up Another 15 t as Forex Reserves Tumble $43bn

07 Oct 2015 - The Chinese central bank has added another 15 tonnes of gold to its reserves worth around $600 million - but at the same time its total forex reserves have contracted by a massive $43.3 billion.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Is sentiment picking up at last for gold as price hits $1150?

06 Oct 2015 - There are signs that gold sentiment is beginning to pick up as US economic recovery remains fragile, the Fed dithers over interest rates rise and pric hits $1150

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Gold Price Spikes, Dow Seesaws, Dollar Falls as U.S. Jobs Fall Short

05 Oct 2015 - Friday saw the gold price spike sharply upwards following poor U.S. payroll figures. The Dow fell initially by over 200 points before recovering and ending the day up more than 200 points

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Q3 SGE gold deliveries set to exceed phenomenal 800 t

02 Oct 2015 - Q3 physical gold deliveries out of the SGE will exceed 800 tonnes having reached 795.6 tonnes with 3 trading days still to be reported.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: India looking to resurrect its gold mining sector

01 Oct 2015 - India is reportedly making moves to speed up the gold mining permitting process thereby encouraging exploration and development activity and reviving the once significant domestic gold mining industry.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Indian gold imports on track for 900 tonnes this year

30 Sep 2015 - Indian and Chinese gold imports together with central bank purchases this year will likely account for all the world's newly mined gold supply.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Latest SGE gold deliveries suggest enormous 2015 total of over 2650 tonnes!

27 Sep 2015 - Shanghai Gold Exchange weekly gold delivery figures still remaining at v high level suggesting a full year total of 2650 tonnes of more

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Christian bullish on gold but we may need to wait 2 years

23 Sep 2015 - In a lunchtime keynote presentation, CPM's Jeff Christian set out his views on the gold market and the gold price and where it is headed

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Peak gold impact on prices as exploration continues to tank

22 Sep 2015 - Latest analysis from SNL as presented at the Denver Gold Forum suggests that peak gold will have been reached last year - the question remains as to whether falling new mine production will indeed have a positive impact on the gold price.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Sea-Change in Gold Sentiment and Misconceptions on Russia

20 Sep 2015 - Maybe we are seeing the beginnings of a sea change in gold sentiment with Chinese demand, Russian central bank buying, etc. Don't believe everything you read in the mainstream media!

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: The COMEX gold warehousing debate - the truth

18 Sep 2015 - We have seen articles suggesting that COMEX gold warehouse gold stocks are low to the point of serious concern in the ability to provide physical gold on contracts which demand it.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: An event for the gold and silver great and good!

16 Sep 2015 - This year's Denver Gold Forum starts this weekend with presentations from key executives from virtually all the world's top 20 gold mining companies as well as a series of keynote addresses.

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