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Lawrence Williams

Lawrence (Lawrie) Williams is a well known London-based writer and commentator on financial and political subjects, but specialising in precious metals news and commentary. He is a qualified and experienced mining engineer having graduated in mining engineering from The Royal School of Mines, a constituent college of Imperial College, London – recently described as the World’s No. 2 University (after MIT).


LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Will the war on cash morph into a war on gold and diamonds

19 Sep 2016 - There is a propaganda war in progress by economists, central bankers and politicians to suggest the world should do away with cash.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Central bankers hate to be seen to be wrong

16 Sep 2016 - Fedspeak ahead of next week's FOMC meeting has led to volatile equities and precious metals, but is there a danger that the Fed will talk itself into the next rate rise to 'save face' given its earlier predictions.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Is China trying to stabilize the gold price?

13 Sep 2016 - Recently the Shanghai Gold Exchange looks to have been flexing its muscles in gold price setting by coming up with higher benchmark prices that the New York close.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Hillary – white hope to black swan

12 Sep 2016 - Hillary Clinton's health issues are now at the forefront of the U.S. Presidential campaign. Could they cause her to withdraw? Perhaps unlikely. Could it affect the Fed's interest rate deliberations? We have already seen a big fall in equities markets.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS:Chinese central bank gold purchases still slowing

08 Sep 2016 - China only increased its gold reserves by 4.9 tonnes in August - another instance of a possible skowdown iv

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: More disappointing U.S. data propelling gold towards $1,350

06 Sep 2016 - Precious metals started the post-US summer holiday period with a degree of strength, helped by what was perceived as weak Services PMI data.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Gold Flow reversals – will they continue after U.S. holiday season over?

05 Sep 2016 - Will the current gold price malaise continue once the U.S. is fully back from the summer holiday season.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Gold Flow reversals – will they continue after U.S. holiday season over?

05 Sep 2016 - Will the current gold price malaise continue once the U.S. is fully back from the summer holiday season.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Central bank gold buying – what the media reports don’t really tell you

01 Sep 2016 - While media reports of late are pointing to a decline in central bank buying, there have only been three central banks making significant gold resrve increases on a month by month basis.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Gold stuttering on Jackson Hole aftermath

31 Aug 2016 - Statement from the US Fed's Chair and Vice Chair, both seen as marginally hawkish on interest rate rises, have given the gold price a further knock this week in relatively thin trading as the northern holiday season draws towards a close.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Australian Gold Output Hits 15-Year High

28 Aug 2016 - Australia appears to be bucking the peak gold trend with gold output continuing to rise. It has just hit a 15-year high.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Gold stutters, silver slips but banks still raising projections

24 Aug 2016 - Gold prices have been lacklustre since U.S. Independence Day, and silver even more so, given thin markets and little geopolitical news to give them a boost. they may stay in limbo until

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Do sales out of GLD presage gold price downturn?

22 Aug 2016 - Net gold purchases out of GLD have been largely replaced by net gold sales since the USA's Independence Day holiday, and bullion sales are also much weaker. Does this suggest gold prices turning down into the Fall.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Gold continues to seesaw around Fed rate hike likelihood

19 Aug 2016 - Is the U.S. Fed playing a dangerous game in allowing members to move the markets through personal dovish or hawkish statements on the likely timing of the next interest rates rise?

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: UK’s post-Brexit gold surge to near record highs emphasises safe haven status

18 Aug 2016 - In the aftermath of the Brexit vote the combination of the drop in the £ sterling and the rise in the gold price has meant the latter is running at near record highs even though the dollar price is still well below the record

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