Gold Pension Planning

Have you thought about a gold pension or buying gold for retirement? Read below to learn the advantages of choosing the right gold retirement plan for you

If you are a UK citizen then you can benefit from up to 45% tax relief when investing in gold as part of your personal pension.

You can claim tax relief up to the maximum annual allowance which is currently £40,000 and furthermore, any gains will be Capital Gains Tax (CGT) exempt subject to rules and guidelines by the HMRC.

We offer investors investment grade gold bars with a purity of 99.99% produced by Argor Heraeus, a "Good Delivery Refinery." The allocated and segregated gold bullion is then stored in our highly secure vault insured through JLT, a leading Lloyd’s of London broker.

There are different approaches to buying physical gold with your pension:

  • Buy gold through your existing SIPP or SSAS
  • Transfer part of or the full value of your existing pension to a SIPP or SSAS
  • Make contributions to a new SIPP or SSAS

Pension Fees

The storage fee is 0.3% p.a based on the market value of the gold. Sharps Pixley require two years of fees to be paid in advance and will add a 0.6% premium to the purchase price to reflect this. Any fees thereafter will accrue and be settled when the gold is subsequently sold. You will receive the sale proceeds less or plus any fees that have either accrued or were already paid in advance, depending on the investment term.

Opening an Account 

To get your gold pension up and running, select from the application forms below;

SIPP - please Download this SIPP Application Form, complete and send to your provider

SSAS - please Download this SSAS Application Form and submit to us



Physical gold is a proven safe haven asset that has historically retained its value against inflation providing long-term protection for your pension.

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Gold bars


HMRC requires investment grade gold bars with a purity no less than 99.5%. Our bars are all 99.99% purity from LBMA 'Good Delivery' refineries.