Convert bullion to bitcoin

Sell Bullion into Bitcoin

Sharps Pixley now allow customers to convert their gold bullion and other precious metals into bitcoin via leading payment processor BitPay.

On 26th September 2017 Sharps Pixley and Bitpay announced they had teamed up on trades converting Bitcoin-To-Gold - this new arrangement now permits trades the other way from Gold-To-Bitcoin, making the trade reversible and allowing clients to trade either way between these two important assets.

Sharps Pixley only offer this service via voice broking for larger transactions above £25,000 in value with total transaction fees from 1.75%.

Converting gold and silver bullion for Bitcoin is easy with Sharps Pixley and achievable through our partnership with BitPay. 

The Process

The best thing to do is call Sharps Pixley on +44 (0)207 871 0532 and explain you'd like to convert metal into Bitcoin. Sharps Pixley can arrange for your metal to be collected by a courier or you can bring it to the showroom at 54 St James's Street. We will need to assay the metal to authenticate it and then give you the best price we can, which in turn will be converted into Bitcoin.

What do you need to provide

Once we have agreed to buy the metal from you, we will need you to provide your Bitcoin wallet address for the conversion. Also, as with any buyback, we will also need you to present a photo ID; driving license or a passport and also a proof of address; utility bill or bank statement (something dated within the last 3 months)

If you are unable to present original copies in person, you will need to certify / notarise your ID documents and then send scanned copies to [email protected] 

Should you have any questions, please call the office on +44 (0)207 871 0532 and one of our experienced team will assist you