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LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Gold and Basel III - initial price weakness results?

Lawrence Williams

29 June 2021The Basel III accord came into play on Monday for the European banking sector (with the exception of the UK where the accord is not due to be implemented until the beginning of 2022). Some initial expectations that this would have a major impact on precious metals markets has not occurred, although it is early days yet.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Gold and silver: Basel III price impact

Lawrence Williams

27 June 2021The Basel III banking accord is due to come into force for EU banks on June 28th, although there have been considerable delays on this implementation in the past, and UK banks have until January next year until they are subject to it. Some analysts think this could have a significant effect on gold and silver prices and bring an end to any manipulation of precious metals prices in the futures markets. We prefer to remain neutral on the prospective outlook.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Swiss gold exports:  China tops the list – comfortably

Lawrence Williams

23 June 2021The May figures for Swiss gold exports have now been released and show that China and Hong Kong combined were by far the largest recipients of refined Swiss gold that month, but that combined total was lower than in the previous month. Indian gold imports, however, appear to have fallen drastically, which could be due to higher global gold prices that month and the massive impact of the COVID-19 virus pandemic in that highly populated nation.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: World top 20 gold mining companies and mines

Lawrence Williams

22 June 2021Another take-away from the latest Metals Focus Gold Focus 2021 report tabulates the world's top gold mining companies and mines and comments on the likely profitability of these mining companies at current, and higher, gold prices.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Gold disaster?  Perhaps not.

Lawrence Williams

21 June 2021As we stated previously, we feel that market reaction to the post-FOMC meeting statement by Fed chair Jay Powell was misplaced and consequently overdone, After all the Fed has fully retained its easy money policy with no real indication of change for another couple of years,

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Top 20 Gold producing nations in 2020 and peak gold

Lawrence Williams

21 June 2021The latest Metals Focus Gold Focus 2021 annual analysis assesses country by country gold output in 2020 and its projections for the current year show that peak gold is still elusive, but remains on the near horizon.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Fed policy unchanged but gold still plunges.  Markets over-reacting?

Lawrence Williams

17 June 2021The FOMC meeting has ended and despite virtually no changes in the U.S. Fed's ultra low interest rate policy coupled with significant QE, all eyes seemed to be focused on inflation and the Fed's likely reaction to it, even though it is nort expecting to make any serious policy changes for another 2 years. Precious metals all plunged in what we see as a huge over-reaction by the markets.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Gold:  Pause, setback and waiting on the Fed

Lawrence Williams

15 June 2021It looks like nervous gold and silver markets are now waiting on the outcome of the U.S. Fed's policy considerations following on from this week's FOMC meeting. We don't see the Fed implementing any changes as it will consider its current programme of ultra low interest rates, coupled with significant QE, as working out successfully. If it ain't broke don't fix it!

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Chinese gold demand well up on 2020 but still below 2019

Lawrence Williams

07 June 2021Latest gold withdrawal figures from the Shanghai Gold Exchange for May show that demand this year to date remains substantially stronger than in the first five months of the Covid-hit 2020, but they still remain well below equivalent data for 2019.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Big gold and silver takedown on ADP employment report

Lawrence Williams

04 June 2021We commented a few days ago that precious metals prices would likely be data driven and the latest ADP private sector employment report certainly served to empahsise this, leading to a sharp fall in gold, silver and pgm prices, We suspect prices may now stabilise at current levels before making another attack on $1,900 gold and $28 silver.

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