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21 October 2022

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Swiss gold exports stay high to China, India,Turkey. Eastern flows dominate.

September's Swiss gold import and export figures show a continuation of flows from West to East with China, India and Turkey dominating and confirming recent reports on Bloomberg of resultant high premiums in some Asian markets.

29 August 2022

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Gold far better performer ytd than equities or bitcoin

The gold price may have looked weak in recent weeks, but in comparison with equities and bitcoin it has been doing extremely well. We compare gold's performance year to date with these other two asset classes which both look vulnerable to further sharp falls as we seem to be heading for a global recession.

29 June 2022

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: No respite for investors as gold, equities and bitcoin all fall

Yesterday was a down day for investors in almost all asset classes as markets turned down on looming across-the-board fears of a global recession took hold. The Russia/Ukraine War has been a major game changer and many of the cards seem to be in Russia's hands economically speaking.

25 June 2022

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Volatility continues in gold and equities post big rate hike

Equities and bitcoin have seen signs of recovery in the past week and gold has generally looked a little weaker. We feel that inflation is going to remain high for the foreseeable future, whatever the U.S. Fed does to try and control it and indeed may even add fuel to the flames in Q4 in an attempt to keep the U.S. economy out of all-scale recession.

15 February 2022

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Russia/Ukraine tensions ease and precious metals dip.

Tensions have eased a little over Western accusations that Russia was about to invade Ukraine as the former reports that some of its troops and military equipment amassed on Ukraine's border are returning to base. The possible relaxation of tensions has seen a sharp dip in precious metals prices, but we question whether there was ever a Russian intention to invade at all.

21 November 2021

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: China/Hong Kong back as top importers of Swiss gold in October

The latest gold export figures for October released by the Swiss customs authorities, show that China has resumed its position as the No.1 importer of Swiss gold refinery output, followed by India and Hong Kong.

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