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04 June 2024

The Sharp Perspective

Silver prices have started to play catch-up with gold

Gold prices set fresh highs, before once again consolidating. The timing of the first US interest rate cut seems to be driving prices

29 April 2024

The Sharp Perspective

Gold prices ramp up to fresh record highs

Spot gold prices continued to push on with their advance in April, even though they faced dual headwinds from rising bond yields and a strengthening US dollar.

03 April 2024

The Sharp Perspective

Gold sails into uncharted waters

Gold prices start to reflect increased concern over the growing risks in geopolitics and financial markets.

03 December 2022

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Gold fails to hang on to $1,800 level but still trending positive.

Gold breached the $1,800 level on December 1st, but fell back again quite sharply in early U.S. trade a day later before clawing its way back up again to end the week in the high $1,790s. Silver did rather better, although we are wary of its past somewhat erratic price performance. We remain confident on the future price performance for gold and, perhaps less so for silver, but are wary on equities and cryptos due to likely economic headwinds,

01 December 2022

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Gold, equities, bitcoin – all open new month on the up.

The combination of a more dovish statement from Fed Chair Jerome Powell and the latest PCE data release drove gold, silver, equities and bitcoin all higher in the U.S. and globally, with gold breaking through the $1,800 barrier at one time.

10 November 2022

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: CPI and Midterms boost gold, equities and bitcoin

The U.S. Midterm elections which saw President Biden and the Democrats perform far less badly than anticipated, closely followed by the latest CPI figures which saw inflation come in lower than expected, saw gold, silver, pgms. equities and bitcoin all surge sharply.

29 October 2022

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Fedwatch predictions see aggressive interest rate approach easing

Latest Fedwatch Tool predictions see the U.S. Federal Reserve easing off in its aggressive approach to raising interest rates at future FOMC meetings, which has given a boost to equity markets, supported by a strong Q3 GDP estimate, although this may not be all that it seems.

03 August 2022

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Gold regains $1,800 but v. briefly on Chinese tensions

The gold price surged back to the $1,800 level, which it achieved very briefly in intra-day trade before falling back again in reaction to Nancy Pelosi's Taiwan visit and fears of China's reaction. This was less severe than feared and gold and silver fell back quite substantially to earlier levels based on the Fed's perceived likely moves at September's FOMC meeting in the light of latest inflation data.

20 July 2022

LAWRIE WILLIAMS:  Gold and silver still under pressure as equities and bitcoin make gains

Equities and bitcoin have been making gains on the latest market data while precious metals have mostly remained in the doldrums. The silly season seems to be with us and we may have to wait until after the U.S. Labor Day for markets to find their true direction.

21 June 2022

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: World Top 20 Gold Mining Companies – some major changes and better dividend potential

A listing of the world's top gold producing companies in 2021 shows some significant changes from a year earlier, partly due to Covid and partly due to mergers. acquisitions and divestments, which have continued into the current year. Higher gold prices have been making this a more profitable investment sector and dividends have been rising accordingly,

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