Sharps Pixley / Degussa : History & Locations

Sharps Pixley is wholly owned by Degussa who are said to be the leaders in physical bullion in Europe. Degussa currently has 10 business locations in Germany, 2 in Switzerland, plus Spain and Singapore. To visit Sharps Pixleyplease click the following link HERE

Degussa Goldhandel was established in 2010 when it acquired the famous trademark and name of Degussa. The trademark had originated with a leading international precious metals company in the past, "Deutsche Gold- und Silber-Scheidenanstalt vormals Roessler" (German Gold and Silver Refinery, formally Roessler). For a list of our Degussa offices in Germany please click HERE 

In 1843, the Senate of the Free City of Frankfurt leased the city’s newly built precious metals refinery to Friedrich Ernst Roessler, the head of the new Frankfurt Mint. Roessler started the precious metal refining operations, laying the cornerstone for what would later become Degussa.

Nearly thirty years later, the Roessler family began negotiating with the metal trading firm of Philipp Abraham Cohen (which would later become Metallgesellschaft KG) and Bank für Handel und Industrie (later merged into Dresdner Bank) to incorporate the refinery into a public limited company. An agreement was reached and Deutsche Gold-und Silber-Scheideanstalt vormals Roessler was established in 1873 with its headquarters in Frankfurt am Main.

Since the acquisition in 2010, Degussa is owned by companies associated with the well known von Finck family, whose antecedents include Wilhelm von Finck who had founded Allianz (Europe’s largest insurance company) in 1890. Degussa feels committed to the many years of tradition and have available – under the name "Degussa"– a wide range of precious metals in the form of bars and coins.  Visit Degussa's website for more information on the company and the international locations on the following LINK