HNWI and Institutional Investors

Gold is the ultimate tool for diversifying portfolios and protecting wealth; if you are nervous about the fragile state of the global economy then you're not alone.

Sharps Pixley is a niche player in the wealth management sector, offering physical precious metals, safe deposit facility and bullion custody accounts. 

Here at Sharps Pixley we’re setting out to simplify and demystify the gold market. To expand the reach of precious metals. To make them more comprehensible and create new ways that people can invest in them. It is no secret that Sharps Pixley and our parent Degussa are pioneering new ways of accessing and promoting these exciting markets... creating a 'new gold standard' if you like. The rationale for owning physical gold is arguably stronger than ever before. 

As one of the leading global suppliers of allocated gold, we offer HNWI and institutional investors access to wholesale bullion prices and one of the largest and readily available stocks of physical precious metals. Investors can also leverage our international network of offices who provide a wide range of storage and vaulting options that sits outside the traditional banking sector. Sharps Pixley provides safe deposit boxes and bullion custody accounts for gold to its customers on an allocated basis, which means customers holding gold have title to specific bars.

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