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LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Jackson Hole take-away.  Gold takes off again.

Lawrence Williams

28 August 2021Jerome Powell's statement to the virtual Jackson Hole Central Bankers conflab were taken as dovish in content and led to a fall in the dollar index and consequent rise in precious metals prices.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Gold nervous ahead of Powell's Jackson Hole statrement

Lawrence Williams

27 August 2021Despite a shortlived foray back above the $1,800 level in Europe this morning, the gold price will likely not find direction until after U.S. Fed chair Jerome Powell releases his much-anticipated Jackson Hole statement later tody.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Gold hits $1,800 again.  Can it stay there and move higher?

Lawrence Williams

23 August 2021As we predicted a week ago, the gold price has eventually breached the $1,800 level. So far it has not made huge inroads into the $1,800s, but we do feel that there;s a good chance that it may now move onwards and upwards, but probably not without a few stutters on the way. Don't rule out the possibility of $2,000 gold this year.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Russia replaces reserve gold utilised?

Lawrence Williams

22 August 2021In the latest month, the Russian Central Bank reports the addition of 3.1 tonnes to its gold reserves. However we do not feel this represents a change in policy as earlier this year it had reported two instances where a simiilar amount of gold had been lwithdrawn from its reserves so it looks like this is just a replacement of gold utilised for some unexplained purpose,

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: A disastrous week for the U.S. and maybe a positive one for gold

Lawrence Williams

21 August 2021The past week has seen firstly a gold price 'flash crash' followed by a partial recovery, and then what has turned out to be a politically and logistically disastrous pullout by the U.S. military from Afghanistan, followed immediately by an unexpectedly rapiud return to power by the rligiously extreme Taliban.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Afghanistan and gold. Stormy times ahead.

Lawrence Williams

20 August 2021The U.S. and British military withdrawals from Afghanistan demonstrate the fragility of the current world order as we know it and could hugely benefit gold investment as hatches are battened down against stormy times ahead

LAWRIE WILLIAMS:  Chinese gold reserve misinterpretation

Lawrence Williams

20 August 2021The recent publication of the latest Gold Yearbook from the China Gold Association appears to have drawn much attention from the gold analytical community as it appears to suggest that China;s gold reserves are in excess of 14,000 tonnes. We are of the opinion that this figure relates to mineable reserves in the ground rather than in the country's forex holdings.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Gold stuck in limbo but a destabilised world may intervene

Lawrence Williams

19 August 2021Our expectations that the gold price might get back over $1,800 this week seem to have been dashed, but the global political fallout from the ridiculously rapid regime change in Afghanistan may lead to a new lease of life for gold once the ramifications really sink in.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: What gives with gold and silver prices?

Lawrence Williams

13 August 2021The flash crash in gold and siver prices at the end of last week, and the beginning of this, as usual appears to have been overdone and gold and silver prices have at least seen a partial recovery, but where they go from here is rather less certain.

LAWRIE WILLIAMS: Gold dives back well below $1,800

Lawrence Williams

08 August 2021Gold suffered a major setback at the end of the past week, but we suspect it may be a case of too far, too fast, and we anticipate something of a short term recovery by the end of the month/

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